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Moving from USA to Europe? Which Country Should You Choose and Why?

Europe is one of the most desirable continents in the whole world for relocation. More and more people are relocating there each year. Planning a big move to Europe but still haven’t found a country to move to? There are 44 countries in Europe. Which one should you choose? Well, that decision consists of many things. Here are some names and details about each European country to help you a bit with the choice you make.


The place where the language of love was born, France is a delight for the eyes and especially the mouth. With sophisticated foods and great wines, you’re in for a treat. Just don’t forget to mix them all up with a visit at Paris’s wonderful touristic sites and the countryside’s beautiful landscapes.

moving from USA to france


It is time for siesta! The Spanish people work for a siesta – a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after lunch. It is believed that with a siesta, your work productivity only gets better and better. This is a place with amazing types of foods, warm weather and one of the lowest costs of living.


With a world-class public transportation system, Germany is considered as one of the top economies in the world. Just ask Volkswagen and Lufthansa. No doubt that working and living there is a one of a kind opportunity for your career. Just don’t forget to stop at times and enjoy a good German beer and sausage.


Like to ski? Love chocolate? Switzerland is the place for you! The marvelous Alps are seen from every corner and the ski sites and chocolates are world-class. Just know that it is quite an expensive country so take that in consideration. Other than that, you are in for quite an experience.

moving from USA to switzerland

Found the country that perfectly fits your needs? Great! Now remember that moving from USA to Europe requires a professional moving company that provides all the necessary services and insurances, and most importantly, has the shipping expertise with your chosen European country. So, choose wisely and have fun!

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