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Unique Moving Tips

Moving overseas can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. The experience should be a memorable one filled with excitement and anticipation. Understandably, the packing process often feels like a burden but it doesn’t always need to be. Below you will find several tips to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Use Clothes and Linens to Wrap Items

Bubble wrap and moving paper comes in handy when wrapping fragile items. If you really want to save on money and space, wrap your goods in extra towels and linens, or out-of-season clothes. You’re essentially killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Not only will you be packing your softer items but you’ll be protecting your delicate ones too.

Handling Electronics

Before unplugging your electronics such as a TV/DVD player, desktop computer, printer, take a picture of the wiring. This way, when you are setting up everything at your new place, it won’t take you nearly as long. Taking a photo acts as a visual reminder.

Zip it Up

When taking apart electronics, store any wires or pieces in a baggy. Using a gallon size will keep the different cables for the electronics while a quart size bag holds screws and fastenings for shelves, cabinets, etc. A smart move would be to tape the bag to the main item so you aren’t digging through each bag trying to match up wires/screws to the items.

Take Advantage of Quality Boxes

Free boxes are usually offered through any good moving company in the area. Most boxes will come mismatched so if you have money to spare, it’s best to invest in sturdier boxes. Once you are done with them, you can break them down, sell, or save for your next move. Avoid keeping them near damp areas or they will begin to disintegrate.

When you need a quality moving company, feel free to call SDC International Shipping. Our company offers 24/7 shipment tracking and free storage for 30 days. Get a free estimate from our consultants and the best service. We have many years of experience getting families and individuals to every country around the globe!

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