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6 Best Shopping Destinations in Poland

You’re moving to Poland and whether it’s for business reasons or mere pleasure, the first thing you’ll notice is that even though the taste of the fall of the communist regime is still strong in the minds of many Polish people, entry into the European Union and influences from the West, have brought about a wave of modernism and freshness to the country.

This can be seen in the dramatic growth and improvement in shopping destinations all over Poland which often surprise those who are moving to Poland.

1. Warsaw

The center of Poland and particularly the capital city of Warsaw has blossomed over the last couple of years to become a popular and common destination for shoppers.

This city is swarming with shopping malls, notably the Zlote Tarasy which contains possibly every chain shop imaginable. Other popular malls in Warsaw include Arkadia galleria Mokotow and Wola Park. Whatever brand you’re looking for you’re likely to find it here.

2. Kraków

If you head further out from the capital city to Krakow, which is the second-largest city in Poland, you should start at The Market Square which is a popular destination, full of boutiques, souvenir shops, clothing stores, bookshops, restaurants with local cuisine, and more.

The shopping center in the middle of Krakow is called Galeria Krakowska, filled with cafes and restaurants, clothing shops, and a whole selection of other shops. There is also a shopping mall in Krakow – the Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) which is a frequent tourist attraction and is filled with jewelry stalls, handicrafts, lace, embroidered cloths, and souvenirs.

3. Gdansk

If you like buying antiques then Gdansk is your next stop. Antique lovers will be thrilled to browse the local flea markets and antique fairs. The annual Dominican Fair is a must-see. While you’re in Gdansk, you’ll enjoy visiting the Amber Market on Amber Fifth Avenue.

The market stalls here are filled with jewelry shops, art galleries, and workshops where you can go ‘hands-on’ and experience yourself to see exactly how the amber jewelry is made. If you’re looking into designer clothing, there’s a large Designer Outlet Centre in Gdansk with all well-known brands.

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4. Zakopane

If that hasn’t satisfied your shopping appetite, and you’re contemplating moving further away from the center, then it’s worth the seven-hour train journey from Warsaw to Zakopane, where you’ll find traditional Polish cheese. Try out the Oscypek salty sheep milk. It’s a strong flavored, smoked cheese and gets its name from the region. Oscypek cheese goes well with a large glass of Polish beer!

In Zakopane, you’ll also come across sheepskin rugs and they have a large selection of leather goods. If you’re lucky you might even be able to pick up a carved wooden chess set and other wooden boxes and figurines in this quaint, picturesque town.

5. Wroclaw

The main square in Wroclaw attracts the younger generation as there are many pubs and bars in this area. The older crowd can also enjoy an array of restaurants that provide local Polish delicacies as well as international dishes. Fast food is also available here. When you’re tired and hungry after visiting the shopping centers in Wroclaw, such as Pasaz Grunwaldzki or Galeria Dominikanska, you won’t have any trouble finding a suitable place to eat.

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6. Poznan

After moving to Poland, your shopping extravaganza won’t be complete until you’ve shopped at Stary Browar in Poznan. This popular shopping destination is located in Poznan and dates back to the middle of the 19th century. It is filled with numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes and there is a special arts center – The Stary Brower Gallery, which hosts local and international exhibits by artists and photographers.

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