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Top 5 Reasons Americans Move

You have probably heard friends say they dream of paradise and then take off 5 months later. Your friends from high school have drifted off to the east coast or another country. There are so many reasons Americans move, some bad and some good. Some just move on a whim. The best part of moving is you can always go back home!

I’d Like a Better Home Please

The top reason families and individuals leave is simply to purchase a better home. As a family grows, sometimes it’s just easier to upgrade and make a larger investment. In some instances, it becomes difficult to pay for a house so people seek other opportunities whether it’s renting or buying something smaller.

Goodbye Relationship!

Divorce rates are high but that doesn’t mean everyone is breaking up. For those that are ending their relationship, moving can help heal the heart. Being in the same apartment or neighborhood can remind you of your lost love. Starting fresh will bring a new perspective to your situation. A lot of people will leave for self-discovery or to forget their past.

Family First

Blood is thicker than water, they always say. Sometimes, however, issues arise. Problems do arise in every family but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. This can lead to people moving to get away and get some breathing room. Other times, family life is going great but the neighborhood may not be working out so families move elsewhere.

Score! I Got a New Job

There’s no better feeling than attaining your dream job. Now that many companies are outsourcing or building overseas, getting transferred is quite common. Many young adults jump at the opportunity to explore a new culture abroad. Landing the dream job is such a success so moving is a no brainer.

Traffic is a Nightmare

Anyone living in Los Angeles knows that traffic is horrendous. This is one of the major reasons why people end up moving. Commuting 2 hours each way to a job is a complete nightmare. When people invest years into a job but suffer an exhausting commute, it’s time to move. Life becomes so much better when you have a shorter commute to work. The entire day is not wasted and you can enjoy the fresh air.

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