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Top 5 Question to Ask When Contacting a Moving Company

When you are about to relocate and move your life to a different country, the process formally begins with hiring a professional international shipping company. Because this is a very detailed process, which includes transferring all of your belongings across a long distance and delivering them to their destination without damage or loss, it is very important to hire the proper international shipping company who has the required expertise and licenses.

So what important questions can help you decide which company to hire? Let`s see.

  1. Are you a licensed international shipping company?
  2. This is extremely crucial to find out, as a licensed company assures its customers 3 important things: First, the company has a formal permit and authorization to perform shipping jobs from one country into another; Second, the company’s movers are properly trained; And last but not least, the company holds the proper knowledge and insurances.
  3. Do you provide price estimation beforehand? A professional shipping company must send a designated estimation professional to your house, in order to assess the cost of the move, according to your belongings.
  4. What paperwork should I fill out and sign? As the customer, it is your responsibility to ask for information regarding the company`s given services. But, the responsibility to disclose the various services included in the shipping process, is the international shipping company’s. Be sure to receive formal paperwork which lists and summarizes the detailed services in order to know where you stand in every stage of the process.
  5. When should I call you to set the shipping date? Remember that this is a process that can take its time, not only the shipping itself, but also the process of finding a good international shipping company. Be sure to have satisfying information after you have done a survey with some service providers, in order to reach an informed decision that will result in effective and reliable performance and solution.
  6. Do you have a set price list in your website? Well that is one of the most important parameters to find out, in order to know if the international shipping company of your choice meets generally accepted standards and prices its services honorably and reasonably. The prior research you must conduct that includes asking these questions a number of service providers – will assist you in knowing what the market has to offer and in making the best decision.

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Have a safe move!

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