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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in the World

Published on Aug 01, 2014 by Kfir Cohen

Every year millions of people flock to a different country whether it’s to seek a better standard of living or due to a job. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which country is right for you. Think of senior year of high school where you were swarmed with colleges reaching out to you. But how did you choose the perfect school? You simply evaluated it. That’s exactly what you should do before relocating. Check out some of the best places to live in the world.

1. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, residents experience high employment rates and rank very well in the Better Life index. Not to mention, they have pretty great accents. The public in this country is very involved with community service and are all-around good neighbors. Opposite of Los Angeles, the landscape remains in touch and there is not much air pollution. If you are shipping to England, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Iceland

If you want to be around more do-gooders like yourself, Iceland is the place to be. They are HUGE on saving the environment with most of the population recycling and using pure air. Generally, residents are well-educated with a higher level of literacy than the average country. However, the average yearly income is low but they hold a 94% level of life satisfaction.

3. Netherlands

There is always that hot debate about people not voting in America or people voting for the “wrong” candidate. Whatever the case may be, people in Netherlands do not suffer this indecision. In fact, 88% of the country are registered voters giving them an absolute feeling of patriotism. Need a moving company to the Netherlands?

4. Denmark

Denmark is a country you don’t hear too much about but is that a bad thing? Keeping them out of the public eye also keeps them out of violent situations. They too hold a high level of Life Satisfaction and have a clean environment. One of the most important factors for people choosing a job is the work-life balance. In Denmark, only 2% of citizens reported working long hours. Unbelievable!

5. Switzerland

On the top 10 Better Life index you better believe that Switzerland is on there. They have a health rating of 9.3/10 and a perfect 10 for Life Satisfaction. Unlike the Netherlands, voters are far below average with a score of only 3.6/10. Who knows, perhaps they just love life too much to make any changes. Moving to Switzerland? Click here!


Apparently, Europe is the place to be and lucky for you our company can get you there quickly. At SDC International Shipping we are dedicated to providing you the best moving services available. We offer everything from air freight, door-to-door and sea freight shipping.

By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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