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Tips for Moving Efficiently

If you’re about to go through international relocation, and it doesn’t matter if you’re planning an international moving from Los Angeles or from anywhere else in the US, here are a few tips that will help you experience efficient relocating, meaning, an easier and better process.

moving tips

First Thing is First!

The first thing to do is to make sure you have all the permits and documents you’ll need with you for the relocation process. The visas and permits are essential for your relocation and it doesn’t matter if you’re being relocated by your workplace or if you’re doing it on your own volition. So remember to make sure you have all required papers, including passports, visas, work permits, immigration permits, flight tickets, etc.

Book the relocation with the moving company

If you have a little experience with booking relocation with a decent moving company, you probably know that during some seasons they are busier than during others. That’s why it is important to book your date of relocation, including all shipping services you need, as early as possible – so, as soon as you know when you’re about to leave, find a professional and licensed international moving company and save the date!

Start Sorting Your Belongings ASAP

Once you have a moving date and it’s getting close enough, say a month or so, it is time to start sorting all your things, preferably into 3 categories:

  • Things I must (and really want to) take with me – if you must take it with you, you must take it with you – we understand. We only ask for one thing – be honest about what you really can’t give up and what you can, unless you want to find yourself relocating with all your kindergarten paintings and who knows what else…
  • Things I want to give away or donate – there are many things we don’t need to take with us but someone else can still use or enjoy – open your heart and share.
  • Things that long ago belong in the trash – we all have those things, that deep inside we know we should have thrown long ago but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do so, and we know exactly what those things are, and listen – it is time to be brave and face it, and just throw it away. It will actually make you feel better more than you believe – trust us on that one.

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