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Tips for Moving to Ireland

Relocating or moving to a new country is always involved with trying to get familiar with and used to the new and different home, culture, and scenery. Moving to Ireland is no different and the best way to start the mental process of fitting into your new community is to catch up on some tips regarding how to do it right. Shall we?

Respect the Country

We don’t question your manners – of course. We’re talking about the respect that follows getting familiar with Ireland`s status as an independent country, completely separated from England. Why do we emphasize this point? Because many people mistakenly think Ireland is a part of Great Britain, but it is not (Northern Ireland is included, but not the rest of the country). So, if you accidentally refer to a native Irish as an Englishman or as someone who comes from another lineage, it certainly won`t help you settle in nicely amongst your new neighbors.

Find a Job

It is highly recommended to learn what your employment options are prior to your moving, but if you can’t get any job opportunities before relocating, be sure to get in touch with the relevant job searching websites, agencies, and municipal departments that handle employment once you get there.

Ireland’s formal languages are English and Irish. However, you should bear in mind that English spoken by Irish people sounds quite different than the English you’re might be used to. Therefore, you would be best advised to at least try and practice “Irish English” before getting there.

Find a House

A house, an apartment, semi-detached – at least one of them will serve as your new permanent residence, and so, you must be properly organized regarding this subject before you arrive in Ireland and start your new life there. It is important to find out which kinds of rental/purchase methods are acceptable in Ireland, in order to manage yourself logistically and with sufficient knowledge about your housing rights and duties.

Find an International Moving Company to Ireland

There are many international shipping companies that offer overseas shipping services, but you need to make sure you hire a reliable and certified moving company to Ireland. Be sure to ask what the service includes and if the company is licensed to perform international shipping to Ireland, regarding customs issues and such. You really wouldn’t want to find out your belongings cannot be released from customs, just because the moving process was not taken care of professionally and with the proper licenses and permits.

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