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Things to do Abroad: Oktoberfest in Germany

When moving abroad, it’s important to know that your new country has interesting and fun things to do.  Germany covers both of those in one giant event.  Ain’t no party like a German Bavarian Party!


The world’s largest festival, is a sixteen day epic celebration of that heavenly nectar drank in nearly as many countries as there are varieties.  No, I’m not talking about milk, I’m talking about beer.  The official site of the festival is Munich, Germany, though every year around the same time, countries and cities around the world mimic it’s festivities with their own rendition of Oktoberfest.  Oktoberfest is a huge part of Bavarian (Germanic state) culture, and has been held since 1810.

German beer

Germans are very selective about the quality and type of beer allowed in the festival.  Only beer conforming to the Reinheitsgebot, or the German Beer Purity Law, is permitted.  The law states that the beer must be brewed within the city limits and with an alcohol content of at least 6%.

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The statistics for the festival are staggering.  It is estimated that 6 million people travel to Munich for the festival each year.  Most are Bavarian, though about 15% come from foreign countries.  Each year about 7 million liters of beer are served, half a million chickens prepared, and 120,000 pairs of pork sausage are consumed.  To accommodate the results of all these full guests, there are 980 toilet seats.  With all that alcohol being consumed, you can bet people leave things behind.  In 2010 there was over 4,000 lost property items including 260 pairs of glasses, 200 mobile phones, wedding rings, and 500 pairs of crutches.

Visit the Oktoberfest website for more information.

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