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Return to Israel

SDC International Shipping is very proud to help returning Israelis and New Olim return home. As returning Israeli citizens ourselves, we know what it means to be an Israeli living in the USA, and we know all about coming back.

Like so many other Israelis, we started as young men coming to the USA after our army to experience living in a large country. As Israelis do, we started working as movers to support ourselves. Eventually we earned enough to buy our own truck. Through hard work and competence, we grew from a local mover to become an international shipping company. We are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission for the export of residential and commercial cargo from the United States.

SDC International Shipping is headquartered in Los Angeles, with dedicated facilities in San Francisco and New York and offices in Ashqelon. We have teams in Seattle, DC and Miami, and can service clients from anywhere in the USA. Our extensive network of partners in other locations is filled with Israelis like you.

Return to Israel

Return to Israel

SDC International Shipping is pleased to offer returning Israelis and New Olim special benefits:

  • Discounted rates for shipping to Israel – facilitating immigration to Israeli is far more than a business for us. We will do whatever necessary to get your business.
  • Special services for smaller shipments – are you sending a small shipment, we can help you too. Starting at 100 cubic feet we can offer door to door service. Smaller shipments can be brought to one of our warehouses.
  • Hebrew speaking representatives – אנחנו מדברים עברית, תנסו אותנו!
  • Complementary Storage – Are you planning a grand tour of the USA before returning to Israel? SDC International Shipping offers its Israel bound clients up to two months of storage so that your cargo won’t arrive in Israel before you.
  • Complementary Shipping Insurance – shipping insurance is based upon the value of the goods that you send. For those sending a 20’ container, we will insure the first $5,000 of your cargo. For those sending 40’ containers we will insure the first $10,000.

In addition, we are here to help you. Do you need advice? We really understand about moving to Israel from the United States. We’ve done it, and want to help you do it. What should you take and what should you just leave in the USA? What cars will be the best for daily use in Israel and retain their value?

Give us a call. We are at your service at +1 (877) 339-0267

Feel free to check out what our clients have said about us on sites like Google, Yelp, the Better Business BureauTrust Pilot, and other sites.

We look forward to serving you.

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