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Relocation Specialists

SDC International Shipping’s international moving services will help you plan a successful relocation from anywhere in the USA to locations around the world.

Relocation Specialists

SDC International Shipping is a company of Relocation Specialists. There are many moving companies. There are many shipping companies. However, to be a relocation specialist, a company needs to have competencies in intricate logistics that other companies don’t.

International relocating is a complicated process. This process needs to be planned, executed, managed and completed in several countries. Moving to another country is nothing like moving to another state, it needs to be done by an experienced and licensed company.

Planning your Relocation

There are many, many steps and stages in moving from one country to another. The most critical of these, making sure that you have the permission to legally live long term in the destination where you want to live, will be your responsibility. You will also have to provide us with an address for the destination delivery. Outside of that, SDC International Shipping can take responsibility for most of the process. There will be a few things that we will need your help with.

Containers, trucking, shipping, movers, moving materials, special handling, storage warehousing, legal matters, specialty equipment, moving vans, coordination with the ocean common carrier, insuring your cargo if you choose to, palletization, consolidation and deconsolidation of less than full container loads, arranging for customs clearance at the destination port and the payment of any duties if necessary, and the ultimate delivery and unloading of your cargo at your destination and other steps necessary will all be done by us.

This often times requires the intricate coordination of many factors. A relocation specialist is in the end of the day a company of logistics experts.

Motor Vehicles

The most notable exception to this is when you decide to send a licensed motor vehicle. Most commonly people send cars, but motorcycles, recreational vehicles, pickup trucks, ATV’s, recreational boats, motorized bicycles and scooters, jet skis, snow mobiles and other craft are also commonly sent. Some vehicles may require licensing in some states but not in your destination country.

If you are sending a car to another country, our legal team will clear the vehicle for export from the United States for you. However, there are some nations that require that you have a specific import permit. If so, you will have to obtain this permit directly from the equivalent of the motor vehicle administration or ministry of transportation in your destination country.

Most countries will also require some sort of localization of your motor vehicle, and all countries will require inspection before licensing. It is commonly demanded that the owner of the automobile be present at this inspection or do it himself.

We will still send a car transport to pick up your car. If you are sending it within your shipping container, we will send a special car lift to get your car securely into your container. We will work with you to decide on which logistics make the most sense for you. For many locations, the most affordable way for us to get your household goods, personal effects, and motor vehicle together in one 40’ container. If you are sending a smaller vehicle, they are often crated. Vehicles usually need to be emptied of all liquids and the battery disconnected. Any vehicle you send should be thoroughly cleaned and emptied.

Early Planning of your International Relocation

As the international relocation process involves all of the steps outlined above, early planning will help SDC International Shipping to reduce your total shipping time, sometimes by as much as two weeks. International shipments can take from 5 to 12 weeks, depending upon many factors. Of course the distances between origin location and final destination location and their proximities to ports are the major factors, but so are cost and ocean lanes.

If you wanted to take a family vacation, for instance an early trip to your relocation destination to look for schools and housing (we highly recommend this), you would probably start by checking out available flights on an internet site for travel. For instance, if you are flying from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, you can find an 11 hour direct flight for $1100, or a 16 hour flight including stopovers for $600. Which one is the best for you? In different situations you might choose different combinations. If flying by yourself for business, the better timed flight might be worth it to you. But if you are taking a whole family for a vacation, you will probably prefer the less expensive option when possible.

The same is true of sending a container from Los Angeles to Frankfurt. Most of our clients understandably prefer to spend less money than more, but timing is also important. It is not always easy to get along for a month without your belongings. Containers sent to Frankfurt can enter Europe through Rotterdam or Bremerhaven, transferred by truck or by train. Do you want your shipment cheaply or do you want it quickly?

If your answer is “both”, then please contract SDC International Shipping as early as feasible for you. For most locations it is uncommon for containers to be transferred from one boat to another, but just like international flights will usually fly once a day, most ocean routes will travel once a week or less frequently. Also similar to flights, there can be busy seasons where we need to reserve a space early.

Even if you call us only a few days before your planned move, we will be able to facilitate it and we will not leave you without a solution. We have moving crews and storage warehouses that can store your things temporarily if necessary. But if you want to get both the best price and better timing, talk to us early.

Offering You More Relocation Options

Each move is different. When you relocate from one country to another you might have a unique combination of relocation needs. Offering you more relocations options means that the solution your family needs will be customized for you.

Those who are moving abroad permanently will usually take everything that they own with them to their new home. The things that are inappropriate for your new home are usually given away before they leave. However, often times these clients will need a small portion of their shipment more quickly than the standard ocean freight delivery times. For them, we can offer the ability to send a portion of their shipment as air cargo while the rest is sent over the ocean. Air cargo costs a lot more money than ocean cargo, and is even more expensive for heavy items. But typical door to door delivery times for air cargo are about a week for most destinations.

We also have many clients who are moving abroad temporarily for employment or work. Many of them take a large portion of our their household goods and personal effects with them, but prefer to leave a portion in the United States that they will not be using while abroad. We can store a portion of your belongings in one of our warehouses, and send what you want to your destination. To save you handling charges and headaches, we can arrange for a single pickup of your things at one time. Even if you are sending a full container load and storing a portion of your belongings we can facilitate this.

The Most Affordable Shipping Methods

One of the advantages of being true relocation specialist is the ability to offer the same quality services to our customers at a lower price. The most affordable shipping methods for an international move can be offered to our clients because of our size and scope. As we said, planning early really helps. However, we also have other ways of getting superior service to our clients.

We have very large volumes of cargo to Australia, European countries and the United Kingdom. For these locations we offer a special service known as a groupage consolidation.

Many clients choose to send private full container loads, known as FCL shipments. For many locations this is the most sensible option, in particular shipments sent to China are best sent as FCL’s. Even if the container is only half full, it is still more economical to send full container loads, as they are affordable when you take into account the deconsolidation fees.

For clients who send LCL shipments, standing for less than full container load, we usually have to send cargo employing a consolidation service for the ocean portion of the move. These services will combine the cargo of several customers into a single container. Using the same example we had previously employed, if you were sending 300 cubic feet of cargo from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, a consolidation service would hold your cargo for a little while until it had enough to fill a container to Germany from Los Angeles, and then send it. While this still come our less money than sending an entire container while only using a portion of it, the cost per cubic foot of cargo space is higher than when you send 1100 cubic feet. These companies charge special fees called consolidation and deconsolidation fees, reflecting the extra handling necessary for LCL shipments.

These consolidation services are very good, and manage to get your cargo to its destination in a fairly timely manner. We use them for many of our clients and destinations.

However, when you send an LCL shipment to Australia, European countries or the United Kingdom, we don’t need to use consolidation services. We have so many clients to these locations that we make our own consolidation containers. Since we are sending our own containers, we make the pallets, we store them in our warehouses, our movers load them into containers in the United States and unload them at your destination before delivering them to your new home. Since we do all of these steps in house, we can offer the same service to our clients at a lower price. The only drawback of this system is that it can occasionally delay your shipment shortly (definitely not always), but as it could save you thousands, you should always consider our groupage consolidations if you are sending to one of these locations.

Going against the “common logic” where it is better to send a private FCL container if you can fill 70% of it, we recommend our groupage consolidations even to those clients sending 1000 cubic feet of cargo or more to our favorite destinations. It is quite common for people to change decisions about what they want to move at the last moment. You decided that you wanted to add new ski equipment. You decided that you don’t really want to move that old sofa. If we send a container to your house, that what you get and are paying for. You are not going to take more than the 1100 cubic feet it holds (or 2200 cubic feet if you order a 40’ container). However, if you send using our groupage consolidation, you can send as much or as little as you like, and only pay per cubic foot of actual gross cargo space. Your total cargo might end up being only 800 cubic feet, so why pay more than you need to? If you decide that you want to send 1300 cubic feet, our movers won’t leave you out in the cold, but whatever doesn’t fit into your container will have to be shipped using a separate method at an additional cost. The most affordable international shipping method is our groupage consolidations where available.

A Note about Shipping Quotes

Many times LCL shipments sent by “low cost” shippers will not reflect the deconsolidation fees at the destination port. You have to be very circumspect of a quote that does not explicitly include these costs for FCL shipments. We encourage all potential clients to send us any quotes for moving services they receive. Often times these quotes can be misleading and will not include key clauses like destination terminal handling fees or deconsolidation fees. We are happy to review any quote that you receive and show you why SDC International Shipping are not only international relocation specialists, we offer more services at a better price!

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