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International Relocation for a New Job – Everything You Need to Know

Published on Jul 20, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

Moving to a new job is stressful. Having to relocate for a new job is more stressful. Having to relocate to a whole other country for the job is infinitely stressful for any person. Not only are you moving to a place whose culture and environment may be alien to you. You are also going to be actively working in that environment. Quite daunting, isn’t it?

These are some tips you need to know to help guide your international job relocation.

What’s on this page?

01 | Understanding work visa conditions
02 | Research Banking
03 | What about taxes?
04 | Ask your employer for assistance
05 | How to international send belongings
06 | Is it worth it to relocate for a job?
07 | Do companies pay to relocate you?
08 | Should I move or get a job first?
09 | Should I make a preview trip?

Understanding work visa conditions

You must be abreast with every detail regarding work visa conditions concerning the country you will be working in before accepting and committing to the job. You will fall under some conditions and clauses in the visa agreement, so you must note that.

Applying for a work permit is quite stressful amid all the paper works and interviews. If your employer isn’t helping you with it, be wary. Having a good understanding of the work visa conditions will inform you adequately whether the job will be a good fit for you. Research on visa conditions so that you can have a stress-free stay in your new job’s country.

Research Banking

Another thing you must know is how to set up a bank account in your destination country. You must have a fair idea of the most stable and popular banks, the banks with widespread access, and even easy digital access, the timing of transfers, fees, and online banking.

Being able to easily access your money any time as well as keep it secure in a foreign country is significant. Identifying banks with favorable savings and investments opportunities will be a plus for you too. 

What about taxes?

Before relocating for a new international job, adequately educate yourself about the tax conditions in the destination country. Get in contact with the IRS of the respective government or research extensively on the tax conditions. You would need to know where and when you have to file and their thresholds for each salary level.

Knowing this could inform your decision to accept the job or waiving the offer. Some countries tax expatriates heavily while some relax taxes on foreigners. Also, your tax payment could be taken up by your employers to spare you the trouble.

Ask your employer for assistance

Demand politely for assistance regarding visa application, local laws, housing, taxes, and everything in between when relocating to a new country due to a job opening. You must know it is crucial because your employers would most likely be situated in your destination country. Therefore, they should assist you regarding residency, i.e., having a comfortable and favorable place as an abode.

In addition, they should help brief you on the laws, customs, and norms of the area you are relocating you to help ease your stay over there. Optimum tax education must be given to you, too, to make sure you are not breaking any laws unbeknownst to you. Ultimately, you must raise concerns if your employer doesn’t offer assistance to relocate seamlessly.

How to international send belongings

If a decision has been made to relocate for your international job, you would likely have to ship your belongings. Some professional international movers specialize in moving expatriates’ belongings from the country to the new destination country. Find out the one that best fits your needs and requirements, including fees, insurance, and so on.

Shipping belongings usually takes a bit of time, so it would be advisable, if possible, to plan your journey to fit with the arrival of your stuff. It will make your transition relatively seamless so that you can start adapting to life in your new country.

Is it worth it to relocate for a job?

Relocating for a new job is a huge decision and depends on a lot of factors. Will it be favorable for your family? Are the pay, bonuses and allowances, and an overall package worth the move? Can you and your family cope with the culture of your destination? Are the resources situated in your new place very rich? If the answer to most of these answers is positive, it should be worth it. 

Do companies pay to relocate you?

In several cases, the bulk of your moving and relocation costs is covered by the employer. Therefore, it is only fair to sponsor the employee when they relocate to utilize their expertise as an employer. But in many other international moving cases, employees are paying for themselves. So always check your company’s moving policy.

Should I move or get a job first?

It is advisable to have the job secured first before moving or relocating. In applying for a working permit and visas, having a job secured is crucial and almost always a pre-requisite. Also, employers will aid in your relocation, so it is better to land the job first.

Should I make a preview trip?

Looking for a smooth transition? There is no better option than taking a flight straight to your new destination and making a little exploratory tour around the neighborhood of your future home. Think about it, you are going to relocate to a foreign country with an unfamiliar culture, people, and customs.

Getting there in advance will greatly benefit you and make your move easier and smoother. If you can take your family with you, it’s certainly a plus.

By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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