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10 Reasons You Should Move to Italy

Italy is a stunning country with mountains, vast coastlines, and lots of pasta and pizza. This country has always been associated with rich history, breathtaking vistas, and delectable cuisine. There are thousands of reasons why a person would want to move to Italy.

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01 | The Cuisine
02 | Good Education
03 | Rich History And Culture
04 | The Climate
05 | Beautiful Landscapes
06 | Affordability
07 | Quality And Affordable Healthcare
08 | Real Estate In Italy
09 | Vast Transportation Options
10 | Amazing Tourist Attractions

Italy consists of some of the world’s most diverse and gorgeous landscapes and is sometimes described as a boot-shaped country. What is there not to love?

Reasons Why Moving To Italy Is The Best Thing Ever

1. The Cuisine

Italians love a good meal and are the originators of a lot of popular ones like pasta. The Italians enjoy eating various dishes throughout seasons and places. Fresh products with assorted meat, potatoes, butter, and cheese are constantly the focus of attention. For Italians, wine is a key complement to an evening filled with delicious foods and excellent company.

It is common to enjoy a glass of wine, and even quality wine may be purchased in the country at an affordable price. To Italians, wines are a vital element of the meal, not just another alcoholic drink. So, for you, wine lovers, Italy is the place to drink all the wine you want without judgment.

2. Good Education

Italy is the home of some of the world’s oldest universities. Education in Italy is highly valued with a wide choice of renowned academic institutions that gladly welcome international students. Fees are generally cost-effective and annual at institutions.

Public schools in Italy are free of charge for all children, and when they are three years old, they start to learn to read and write. In quality, Italy’s colleges are world-class, but for non-residents, they can be costly. Italian students at university can study a wide variety of courses, including art and history.

3. Rich History And Culture

Italy has been a center of history, art, and culture since ancient times. Italy has the most cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any country. Each city has its own culture and Italian culture, as well as museums and monuments at your disposal that you may visit whenever you want.

Each town also has its cuisine and a distinct way of life from the rest of the country. Rome, Venice, Naples, Pisa, Florence, and Assisi are famous for their art. There are many art, culture, and music events throughout the country all the time.

4. The Climate

One of the peninsula’s greatest assets is its climate. The climate in Italy is diverse, ranging from the sea to the mountains. The Mediterranean climate of Italy, with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters, will make your stay in the country quite enjoyable. In the winter, the north tends to be colder, whereas the south is usually warmer.

It’s a terrific place to visit all year, especially if you’re looking for a city break. Still, the best time to go is from April to June, when the weather is the warmest and most consistent. 

5. Beautiful Landscapes

Natural sceneries for all preferences may be found in Italy. In several places, from hilly areas to coastal communities. The natural environments of Italy are well blended with ancient ruins, cliffside villages, and rolling vineyards. Take a journey across Italy’s most breathtaking natural sights from the north to the south.

Snow-capped summits, ice glaciers, and lush valleys characterize the Alps and Dolomites in northern Italy. Plains, hills, mountains, and a magnificent shoreline are frequently found within a single region. The beautiful scenery of this boot-shaped nation is well-known. It’s a lovely place.

6. Affordability

Although Italy has a reputation for being expensive, the monthly prices aren’t too high. Italy might be reasonably priced, depending on where you live. Due to the gap in economics and affordability between the south, middle, and northern regions of Italy, certain places are significantly more affordable than others. Rome, for example, is regarded to be the most expensive city in the world to live in.

When compared to London, however, Rome is less costly due to lower rentals and grocery prices. A single person’s annual expenses (excluding rent) are under €10,000 on average. Even large apartments in important centers are frequently available for less than €1,000 per month.

7. Quality And Affordable Healthcare

The Italian healthcare system is a regionally based national healthcare system that offers universal coverage at a low cost at the point of delivery. As a result, Italy boasts one of the world’s most outstanding healthcare systems. There are almost no out-of-pocket payments because nearly all medical bills are reimbursed. While it does have some drawbacks, it is overall efficient and cost-effective. As of 2021, Italy’s healthcare is ranked second.

8. Real Estate In Italy

Foreigners are not restricted from purchasing property in Italy. If your money is officially documented, you can buy anything. Unfortunately, mortgage loans are not an option because Italians rarely provide mortgages to foreign buyers.

9. Vast Transportation Options

Italy’s public transportation system is quite good, with trains, buses, and ferries running along the coast. The train system in Italy is excellent; it connects almost every major city and offers a wide range of options, including high-speed and late-night trains. The high-speed trains will take you to the big cities you’ll be exploring, while the slower intercity trains will take you to smaller towns.

10. Amazing Tourist Attractions

Both modern and ancient architecture can be seen in Italy. Every town in Italy has a long history in its heart, and it is well worth visiting. From art and culture to food and music, a tour of the countryside will unveil more gems than you can count. You’ll be surprised at how many attractions there are in your neighborhood. Take a domestic flight to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Turin, and several other destinations.

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