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Is a Primary Contact Assigned When Working with an International Mover?

Are you about to perform an international moving to Europe from the USA? Looking for an international moving company? If you do, don’t be so quick to decide. Well, not before you make sure that the moving company which you’re about to choose can provide you with all the services you need in order to experience a stress-free moving. For example, it is important to check if the moving company offers to assign you a primary contact as part of their services.

What is the Role of the Primary Contact?

What can the primary contact do for you as the customer? First of all, the primary contact is the person who can assist you with small decisions related to the shipping – such as deciding how to ship sensitive belongings or deciding what is the best way to ship one item or the other. Think about any tip for moving or advice that may help you with the process, and it is exactly what the primary contact will be there for. Additionally, the primary contact can give you important information about the customs laws in the destination country.

Keep Track after Your Belongings

If you’ve ever went through a moving process before, even a local one, you know how it is – you always want to know where your stuff is and exactly when it will arrive to your new home. Having a primary contact assigned to you by the moving company means you always have someone to ask and to inform you of the whereabouts of your things and exactly when to expect them at your doorstep. No stress, no worries.

Choosing a Professional Moving Company

When the moving company offers you the services of a primary contact to be there for you during the moving process it really makes the whole thing a lot easier. So if you’re moving from the USA to Europe, make sure you have a professional moving company by your side, one that will offer all services necessary both for the smooth shipping of all your things and for your peace of mind – it is just as important, if not more so.

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