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Preventing an International Horror Story: How to Move Overseas

Whether you are moving overseas on a permanent basis or you are simply going abroad for a year or two, you will find that there is a certain kind of dread that hangs over international moves. As if shifting your entire household wasn’t enough, now you need to think about crossing a border and all of the paperwork involved with that.

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Moving overseas is a process that is wrapped up in paperwork from beginning to end. In the first place, make sure that you are going to be cleared to stay in the country in question. This may mean citizenship papers, or it might mean a visa. You must always know how long you are cleared to stay and what your options for extending it might be. On top of that, also make sure that your mail is being forwarded to you and that if an election is taking place while you are away that you have notified your local voting office.

Make Provisions for Your Animals

Remember that there are usually some very heavy-duty laws about taking animals across international borders. Even common pets like dogs and cats can be held for quarantine for a very long time, and the last thing that you want is to have an animal seized because you did not look in to it. Consider what you should do with your animal friends before you make travel arrangements.

Ship, Store or Sell

When it comes to pulling up stakes and planning an international move, every item that you own needs to fall under one of the S categories. You must decide whether you want to ship it, store it, or sell it. There is no middle ground with this, and dawdling on this decision can have disastrous consequences. Depending on where you are going, it will always be easier to replace things than to have them shipped to you. The exception is if you are moving to an island where getting things from the mainland can be difficult.

Get Your Vaccinations

Always know what the health warnings are for the place that you are moving to. Make sure that you are properly vaccinated against these things. Similarly, also make sure that you have a good supply of any medications that you need to get through the move.

International moves can be intimidating, but they do not need to be disasters.

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