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How to Pack Like a Professional

So you’re ecstatic to be moving to Ireland, where you’ll meet some suave Irish gentleman at a pub. Perhaps you’re slipping on a fanny pack and taking photos in Peru. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to need to pack your belongings. Professional packing is the way to go since they have the right resources and years of experience. However, if you’re short on cash there are numerous ways to pack like a pro.

From Box to Bin

packingGenerally, boxes are the most common method of packing but why not try a clear container? Rather than putting a label on a box and tossing it out later, a clear bin can be used over and over again. This storage unit also enables you to view exactly what is inside, saving you the confusion of digging through boxes.

Unique Way to Use Clothing

We all know there is something majestic about bubble wrap. You can get lost popping plastic for hours. Realistically, it is a complete time waster. Instead of spending money purchasing bubble wrap, grab old clothing and wrap your fragile items. This is a great shortcut to saving costs and you can keep reusing your clothes. Not to mention, you’re packing your clothes at the same time. Think about it.

Label the Right Way

SharpiesIf you didn’t take our prior advice of switching from boxes to bins, there is one trick to make things a little bit smoother. When labeling your box, include the room that the box will be going into. By being as detailed as possible, you won’t feel as overwhelmed while unpacking. Labeling the sides of the boxes may be beneficial if you’re going to be stacking them. This way, you can identify them without having to un-stack every box.

Color coding is another reliable method that not too many folks think to take advantage of. Choose a color for each room and label that specific room’s box with that color. For instance, anything in the kitchen is marked blue so throw some blue tape on the box or draw a dash with a blue marker.

Saran Wrap…Everything

Nothing is more irritating than opening your bag to find all your shampoos and lotions have leaked. Put some saran wrap over your bottle and screw a cap over it. This ensures that the liquid remains in the cap. Additionally, keep your clothes in the drawers and cover with saran wrap. Rather than packing clothes in the boxes, this will save you a great deal of time. The last thing to wrap? Jewelry! Keep your jewelry display maintained by wrapping it with Press ‘n Seal. Avoid getting everything tangled up.

When packing it is best to ‘think outside the box.’ Explore different options so you aren’t wasting time or money. If your lifestyle is too busy, call on SDC International Moving to have our teams of professionals pack your belongings. We offer door-to-door shipping so you don’t need to lift a finger. For those bulky, unmanageable items we can provide you with custom crates.

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