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Not Only Pizza and Spaghetti – All the Advantages in Relocating to Italy

Moving to Italy

Thinking about moving to Italy? What’s to think about? This is the time to find a professional and experienced moving company to Italy, and start the process of relocating to one of the most attractive locations in the world.

Moving to Italy will surely allow you to enjoy some of the world’s greatest foods, especially pizza and pastas but also different kinds of breads, cheeses, and wines. Food is awesome, there’s no doubt about it, but when we talk about Italy – there’s so much more to experience, taste, and explore, as you’re about to relocate to one of the most attractive and unique countries in the world.

Moving to Italy


The home of world renowned artists such as Michelangelo, de Vinci, Rafael, and others, Italy invites you to experience its rich culture and an endless variety of art creations that will take your breath away – from paintings, through music, sculptures, and more. Italy’s culture has so much to offer that you’ll need a lifetime to explore it all.


Italy’s history goes back to the Iron Age and through the Roman Empire, the middle ages, and the Renaissance, all leaving great impact in every aspect – literature, science, architecture, and more. Everywhere you go in Italy you can witness the preserved remains of ancient times.


Italy is one of the most passionate countries in the whole world when it comes to fashion. You can attend the most important and influential fashion shows in the world, as you’re about to relocate to the home of Armani, Versace, Prada, and their kind.


You can find lots of sport events in Italy, but the most popular is soccer, AKA football, as Italy has one of the most successful football leagues in the world featuring teams like Juventus, Rome, Millan, and Inter-Milan. Get ready, you’re about to get the chance to watch the best players in the world in action. There are lots of Italian football teams who have made it into the Champion’s league so you will also get the opportunity to watch leading teams from other European countries, such as Spain, France, and Germany.

Living Costs

Italy’s advantages are alluring as they are plentiful and they are directly connected with your relocation and your daily life in this beautiful country. For example, cost of living in Italy is affordable and you can buy yourself a nice big house for a fair price.

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