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Moving to Sydney— You’ve made the right decision

If you are planning to move to Sydney, you have made an excellent decision. It’s among the highly preferred places in the world and among the top relocation destination. Around 40% of the population of Sydney is from abroad. This place is known for its blissful weather, culture, food, and better lifestyle which is different from the hustle-and-bustle other cities.

Moving to Sydney from the US is not that difficult. We will cover everything that you need to know before you pack your bag and take the flight. One advantage you will have in Australia is the currency rate. 1 US dollar is equal to approx 1.46 Australian dollar and we can count it as an advantage.

Another major advantage you will have while moving to Australia is the support of overseas residents’ network. Australia is known for it’s helping gestures towards the migrants. 

Relocating Options to Sydney

You have multiple relocating options to Sydney as the Australian government provides multiple visa options for migrations. The first kind of relocation facility is for job professionals. If you have a job letter from the company located in Sydney, the entire process will become easier. You need to have complete documentation like a job offer letter to apply for this option.

If your spouse lives in Australia or New Zealand, the government has a special visa for them. You can apply for this visa to relocate to Sydney. For this, you need to be an outsider from Australia and New Zealand for applying it. We recommend you to plan it as advance as possible to avoid any kind of hassle.

In case, if you are a non-English speaker, you will be assessed through the standard tests like IELTS. But this should not be a major issue as you can easily get this certification.

The Thing To Know Before Moving To Sydney

Before you move to Sydney, you need to know some basic and general things that will help you a lot once you reach there. 

  • Weather in Sydney varies a lot and it’s a hot country. The temperature sometimes touches 40 degrees.
  • Once you get the permanent residency, you will be eligible for free healthcare which is known as Medicare. 
  • If you are into smoking, you need to pay a bit more here. For one pack of cigarettes, you need to pay at least $30. 
  • Jaywalking in Australia is punishable and you need to pay a fine for crossing a road without any Zebra line. This country takes the safety of people very seriously. 
  • Australia pays the highest minimum wage to its workers and this is the reason why people want to move to this country. 
  • If you love snow, you will love Australia as the Australian Alps gets more snow than Switzerland and it’s a haven for all the snow sports lovers.

Costs and tips before moving to Sydney

Coming to buying or renting a home, Sydney is slightly on an expensive side. If you are planning to rent a one-bedroom flat in the City Centre area, the prices are around A$ 2,000. Whereas, if you need a bigger house if you have kids, you will easily get a three-bedroom apartment for around A$ 3,600.

Planning to buy your own property in Sydney, the rates here starts from A$9,000 per square meter. To give you a rough comparison, it’s 32.81% more expensive than New York to rent or buy a property.

One tip to save money on property is to go for a shared room if you are single. You will find a lot of good shared rooms in any area of the city. Beachside residents are much more expensive than city-centered areas. So, a quick tip to save money on property is to search residents in areas like Charmhaven or Tregear.

International Moving Services to Sydney

Before you start packing your bags, it’s important to know what’s allowed and what’s practical to ship to Sydney. We recommend you not to ship any heavy electronic appliance to Sydney like television, washing machine, or an oven. 

Australia has a voltage rate of 230V as compared to 120V in the USA. Most of the heavy devices won’t work in Sydney. It’s better to sell them before you leave the country. You can carry portable devices like your laptop, tables, speakers, and phones as they can be used through an adapter. 

If you are carrying alcohol or cigarette, do check their customs website to know the allowed limit. You can only bring one unopened pack of cigarettes under the tax-free slab. If you are not sure, what to pack and what to leave, just get in touch with us and our team will help you prepare a quick list.

Moving and Shipping Costs to Sydney from the USA

Moving and shipping costs from the USA to Sydney varies from what and how much you are shipping to the destination. On average, the household shipping charges from the USA to Sydney would be around $4,500 or more.

The prices vary by factors like how much you are carrying, from where the goods are being shipped, and where they are delivered. It’s better to have shipping quotes for at least three to four companies to compare prices. It will give you a clear idea about the average shipping cost. The price can also vary depending upon the additional services like goods insurance or priority shipping.

Moving to Sydney with SDC International Shipping Company

SDC International Company is among the top award-winning shipping companies in America that offer fast, secure, and affordable international moving and shipping services from the US to all over the world. 

Contact us to get a quick free custom quote for your household shipping to Sydney. We follow the best safety and social distancing practices to ensure seamless shipping at your doorsteps. Call us or fill the contact form and our team will get in touch with you soon. Happy Shippings With SDC International!

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