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Moving to Spain: What to Expect

There are many cultural differences between Spain and the US. When moving or just visiting Spain, it is important to be aware of these so that you can minimize any culture shock you may experience. Here are some of the most noticeable and day-to-day differences that you will most likely encounter:

International Moving to Spain? Did you know that…

– Time moves much slower in Spain than in the US. Most businesses and stores close for up to two hours during lunch, with only cafes, restaurants, and large shopping malls remaining open. It is customary for Spaniards to eat huge lunches and take their time doing so. It is also not uncustomary to spend several hours at a café, just having a casual conversation or reading a newspaper.
– On the topic of time, get used to doing everything later. Lunch isn’t usually till around 2 pm and lasts till about 4. Then you will retire for a siesta either after lunch or after a bit more time at work. Dinner isn’t until 10 pm, and it isn’t uncommon to arrive at a bar or club at midnight.
– Now on to something a bit more…colorful. How to put this? Cursing is quite common in Spain. You will most likely hear words that you are unfamiliar with, but don’t worry, if they are being used over and over again in speech it is likely they are curse words. Ask one of your new Spanish friends, and I’m sure they will be happy to educate you.

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