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Pro’s and Con’s in Moving to Poland

Moving to a new country is usually exciting, but it can also be somewhat frightening. Before you make a decision to move, you must learn about the country you are interested in living in and make sure you come as prepared as possible. Moving to Poland is an interesting choice, and if you don’t have any connections to the country then it might be challenging, at least at first.

Healthcare and Living Costs in Poland

Poland is considered relatively inexpensive when compared with other European countries. The average cost of goods, renting an apartment, public transport, going out to restaurants and having some drinks in a bar or a pub is considered a lot cheaper than western European countries. The downside, when it comes to costs, is in clothing and petrol prices, according to Locals.

It’s important to know that the private healthcare system in Poland is considered to be affordable, even for expats. Private healthcare in Poland is top-notch and you can expect the highest caliber hospitals, medical professionals and equipment. The downside regarding the healthcare in Poland, is doctors’ attitude. Doctors there tend to come across as unsympathetic, and they usually don’t show interest in modern ideas about patient self-advocacy.

Finding A Place to Live in Poland

When moving to Poland, the first thing you will need, like in any other country, is a place to live. This subject is rather positive, as prices for renting an apartment in Poland are considered to be affordable. This is probably a result of the lower salaries offered in the country, but it also creates some benefits like in the case of lower costs.

Even in the capital, Warsaw, and compared to other European countries, you will find it quite easy to find a place to live. Population in Poland tends to cluster around central cities, so you should generally have no problem finding an apartment that would suit your taste and also require minimal commuting. In this case, the downside is just the fact that the apartments can be a little bit smaller than what you are used to back home.

Hanging Out in Poland

Culture and entertainment are also an important consideration to contemplate before moving to Poland. In the country’s cities, you will find a range of cultural events like concerts, film and music festivals, art exhibitions, food events, and plenty of museums and galleries.

If you are an outdoors person, you would be able to participate in activities such as camping, hiking in the mountains, kayaking, windsurfing, seaside biking and more. All of those will probably be more accessible during the summer. The bad part in this case, is the fact that winters are usually long in Poland. You will probably spend a lot of time indoors, as it is very cold outside in winter, and the days are shorter, too.

When it comes to bureaucracy, you should expect a little frustration in dealing with organizing your residency issues and work permit, as you will most likely deal with unhelpfulness when it comes to some government departments. Another significant downside is the fact that the Poles work very long hours and spend a lot of time in the office. This is dependent of the type of work and role of course, and the competition for steady and high-salary jobs is something that you will have to be a part of.

Means of Transportation in Poland

The public transport system is highly developed in most Polish cities. In some cities, like Warsaw, there is even a city bicycle system that offers bicycles you can pick up and drop off in different places. Getting around in the big cities is simple and affordable, and even between large cities, with the well-developed, country wide rail network.

Moving to Poland

If you have made your decision and you are interested in moving to Poland, you now have some preparations to do. You will need to find a good and reliable international moving company to work with, in order to make the moving experience as pleasant and undaunting as possible. Make sure you find a few good moving companies to Poland and compare between their prices and variety of services, good luck!

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