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Moving to Poland – Do’s and Don’ts

Moving to Poland from your home town is a brand new residential experience as well as a cultural one, as this special country has a very unique character as part of its proud European tradition, and a respected legacy its people hold dear. This realization is important for anyone who is relocating to this country.

Be Polite

That is a way of life relevant to all aspects of interpersonal behavior, but here we would like to emphasize how important respect and manners are to the Polish people. Poland is a very welcoming country that holds dear honorable behavior towards senior citizens, pregnant women, and disabled people, for example.

Moving to Poland requires you to put the value of courtesy in top priority, so you’d better get used to greeting people on the street on a daily basis.

Not Only on the Outside

Being polite to strangers on the street is just a part of the politeness you’ll have to embrace. When it comes to the Polish people’s home, there are basic manners you should be aware of, starting from entering through the doorway and taking off your shoes, waiting patiently for your host to invite you to eat the served meal, and never asking to see the rooms of the house.

Polish people are highly polite but they are also private people, therefore you shouldn’t force them into an embarrassing situation they are not accustomed to.

Keep Decent Eye Contact

This is another very important thing one should notice and understand before moving to Poland, as it would be considered a big insult if you don`t look the one you greet or meet- right in their eyes. Along with eye contact you should also practice your handshake, as it is accustomed to be given firmly and without gloves, even if it is well below zero.

In a broader aspect you should always strive to maintain good relationships with the people you come in contact with, including the service providers you interact with during your daily routine. For example, if you are moving to Poland close to a holiday of some sort, be sure to acquire small tokens or gifts to grant them as a symbol of your appreciation.

In general, know that you are coming to a very liberal and welcoming country that will make you feel at home, if you follow the rules and social norms…

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