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Moving to Norway: What to Expect

Norway is an inspiring country filled with jaw-dropping landscape and beautiful vistas.  Its stunning natural beauty is complimented by a high quality of life supported by a well-developed social system and stable economy.  Here’s what to expect when moving to Norway:

Every citizen has the right to medical services and education.  They are provided free of charge by the government, of course this means higher tax rates but its a trade off that most find beneficial.  If you have a job lined up in Norway, which I highly recommend, you will most likely have plenty of benefits, much more than you are used to in the US.

Norway is expensive.  Standard items like groceries, clothes, and automobiles are all very pricey, though public transportation is readily available and links all major cities.  The cost of goods and services may be high, but so are wages, so it sort of evens out.

It will become apparent to you that the Norwegian people are proud of their heritage.  They are especially proud of the Allemannsrett, a law that states that anyone can camp or hike anywere that isn’t private property in Norway.  Norwegians can be reserved, and generally do not complain or cause a scene in a public place.  Conformity is the norm; everyone dresses and acts virtually the same, and it is required to like skiing.

One common misunderstanding is that all citizens of Norway get a month of paid leave of work each summer.  This is only party true.  All citizens get a month off but it is not paid, and if you haven’t saved you are screwed!  The Norwegian government is also notorious for banning otherwise common things like Red Bull.  Also international shipping can be very expensive.

Good Luck!

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