Moving to the Netherlands from the USA

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Moving to the Netherlands from the USA

Become a citizen of the world with SDC International Shipping

Moving to the Netherlands from the USA is easy with SDC International Shipping. So whether you are relocating to Amsterdam, Utrecht, or Rotterdam, we can meet your specific needs. We move household goods, vehicles, cars, pianos, artwork. 

Moving Your Households to the Netherlands

You can bring most of your household items to the Netherlands duty-free outside the EU if you have lived in the United States for at least 12 months and used them for at least six months. Another essential condition is that you must permanently move to the Netherlands from the USA. 

We can help you through the customs process, like preparing a detailed inventory list of everything you are bringing to the country. 

Moving Cost to the Netherlands

We offer several removal services based on your budget and needs. You can fill out our quote request form to find out about the initial shipping cost. But if you contact us and talk to our logistics agents, we’ll be able to offer a few quotes to choose from. After considering them, you can decide on the one that suits you. 

How Does Moving to the Netherland from the USA Happen?

We’ll try to find the most attractive price and route for you, no matter the shipping method.

Sea Freight 

Sea freight is the best option for large shipments, such as a 4-room apartment and over. The Rotterdam Port, the largest port in Europe and the largest seaport port outside of East Asia, processes thousands of cargo every day. So sending your items via ocean freight is pretty forward. However, it is also the slowest way of transport. 

If you choose sea freight, we’ll send your items in a 20ft or 40ft container. 


Transporting all your cargo by air is the fastest but the most expensive transportation mode. However, air freight will be a cost-effective solution if your belongings don’t exceed 100 kg. 

We can organize your shipment by air, reducing transit time and taking care of other air freight processes if necessary. 

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Technical Survey of Your Belongings 

A technical survey of your belongings is an important aspect of preparing for an international move. So what exactly will we do? First, we will make a list of items you want to ship and weigh them. Then, we’ll check the surrounding area to understand where to park a shipping container for loading your boxes. With the overall picture, we’ll be able to avoid the unexpected.  


Perhaps packing has already been on your mind, and you might be thinking about whether you should pack all your stuff yourself to save on costs or hire a packing company. The good news is that you don’t need to go far. SDC international movers offer packing solutions that protect the contents of your shipment from damage. We even provide a specialized crew that can professionally pack delicate objects like musical instruments, artwork, relics, etc. 

Is It Worth Shipping a Vehicle to the Netherlands?

You have probably heard that Hollands are huge fans of bicycles. And the government supports this attitude because this way of transport is ecologically clean and healthy. In fact, there are about 16 million bicycles in the Netherlands, almost for every resident. But on the other hand, vehicles are not welcome here. What does this mean? It means that vehicle maintenance in the Netherlands is costly. Drivers pay quarterly or even monthly taxes for the privilege to be on the “wheels.”

Still Want to Bring Your Car to the Netherlands?

If you are not intimidated by the facts mentioned above, we can arrange a straightforward move of your vehicle to anywhere in the Netherlands. 

Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, or ATVs are popular in the Netherlands. If your vehicle is at least six months old and registered in your name, we’ll start the shipping process immediately, at your request. Although you won’t need to pay import duties in most cases, your auto is still subject to a 21% VAT.

How Will We Ship Your Vehicle?

SDC International Shipping specializes in shipping motorcycles worldwide. With a decade of experience, you can rely on us to deliver any vehicles and cars.

Shipping to the Netherlands in a Shared Container

There are two alternatives for container shipping: private use or consolidated (shared). While the former option means that you pay for the whole container, the latter requires you to pay only for the space your vehicle occupies. This also means that your auto transport will be placed in a container with other customers’ cars. 

RORO Bike Shipping to the Netherlands

Like consolidated containers, RORO shipping is a cost-effective shipping solution too. However, unlike container shipping, you will have to empty your car of personal items and make sure it has enough fuel or gas to drive it on and off the ocean vessel. 

Sending Your Bike By Air to the Netherlands

As you understand now, air shipping is an expensive luxury. Yet, if you have money to spare, this is the quickest way to transport your bike. 

How Long Does Moving to the Netherland from the USA Take?

There are many factors in play. These are shipping time, transportation mode, origin, and destination location. For example, sending household items from the east coast may take only a month or 4 weeks and a bit longer from the west coast—however, this is likely the time for a port-to-port delivery without customs clearance. Door-to-door delivery is going to take up to six or seven weeks. 

Given the global pandemic, it might be hard to meet estimates. But as a superb international mover to the Netherlands, we’ll try to do our best to get your personal possessions delivered in the fast way possible.

Years of Excellence in Moving Fragile Items Like Pianos and Artwork

We help clients of every caliber ship their musical instruments and artwork pieces. Nothing is more important than ensuring that your valuable items arrive in the same condition you handled them for us.

Piano Shipping 

Moving a piano from the USA to the Netherlands is a responsible process requiring a thorough knowledge of different pianos. And not only this. As your piano mover, we can sort our legal paperwork to ensure that your baby grand qualifies for import to the Netherlands. 

Artwork Shipping

Akin to piano shipping, moving your precious artwork overseas is an extremely delicate job. As an artist who uses the brush and color to create something beautiful, a masterpiece, we employ special packing and crating technology to make sure that your fragile items safely arrive in the Netherlands. 

Insurance Makes a Difference 

Overseas shipping is hectic nowadays. It means that problems can occur during air or ocean freight. In this case, you can avail of a range of international moving insurance to compensate for loss or damage of your cargo. 

Where Do We Ship in the Netherlands?

The province of Holland is the most inhabited region in the Netherlands, so most American expats settle in its cities, such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. As a result, these are the most popular shipping destinations in our experience.  

What To Know About Moving to the Netherlands

  • BSN. Since you are moving to the Netherlands permanently from the USA, you must register your new address at the local authorities within 5 days before moving. You will receive a Citizen Service Number (BSN) to handle all administrative matters, such as taxes, health insurance, banking, etc. 
  • Get a work permit. Unless you are a returning citizen, you’ll need a work visa to work in the Netherlands legally. 
  • Living costs in the Netherlands. You should be ready to spend more than you are used to in the USA. However, this will vary based on the region you are relocating to. 

Something That Money Can’t Buy

“Excellent service. They always kept me in the loop regarding the process, which was a real challenge, especially during the pandemic. The packing company was fantastic. Thank you, SDC.”

“This company packed and wrapped my piano very professionally. Everyone was very accommodating, polite, and knowledgeable. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to send their household items overseas.” 

Why We Can Help You Out

  • We offer tailored service to your shipping needs and requirements. 
  • You can count on our industry experience and previous accomplishments.
  • Your removal case will be picked up immediately without delay. 
  • We can provide you with different pricing structures based on a few factors.

Moving to the Netherlands from the USA

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