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Moving to Ireland: What to Expect

Ireland has many cultural and day-to-day differences from the United States and other countries. It’s important to be prepared when moving to another country, that way you can avoid experiencing culture shock. Let’s take a look at some of the major differences you will encounter upon arriving in Ireland for a short or extended period of time.

Tips for International Moving to Ireland

– Drive on the left side of the street! Also be careful when crossing streets, as the cars will be coming from the other direction than you are used to.
– Breakfast is on the menu. A full Irish breakfast can be purchased for 3 euros or less, which usually consists of an egg, rashers, sausages, pudding, and toast.
– Cream for coffee comes as a big whipped glob, so maybe order milk to be safe.
– The water is safe to drink
– Tipping is not required, or really expected. If you have exceptional service, a tip would be appreciated though it is definitely not expected
– In general the Irish people are very clean and proud of their country, so any public toilet you find will be clean and safe to use. Many American restaurants would not pass the stringent health code regulations found in Ireland.

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