Moving to India from the USA

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Moving to India from the USA

Relocation to India from the USA requires careful and extensive preparation. Since this is an overseas movement, you should find a reliable international household mover with extensive know-how about international relocation. 

SDC International Shipping can arrange to ship your household items and deliver these to your new home in India. Also, we can guide you through processing the paperwork, such as passports and visas, to fast-track the relocation.

Are you wondering what to take with you? Typically, you will most likely move into a smaller home in India, which means you cannot bring all your personal belongings. So, it is best to sort things out, have our movers pack the essential ones, and discard the least important ones.

How We Can Help You Move 

India is among the major areas where SDC international movers operate. We cater to the shipping needs of thousands of Americans who wish to move to India. To provide you with the service you deserve, SDC International Shipping now offers the following.

Moving Your Home. SDC International Shipping provides a comprehensive household moving solution for those wishing to move to India. Our expert personnel is proficient in moving all your valuables, including your most prized furniture, anywhere in the country. 

Packing options. Packing and sorting your belongings for international relocation is very stressful. To help you out, we provide a range of packing options and moving boxes to help make your international moving experience a meaningful one.

Shipping insurance. All our moving services can be backed with the applicable marine insurance. We value your peace of mind, so we ensure that working with us will provide you with a worry-free experience.

Artwork shipping. Shipping artwork overseas requires a specialized approach and training. Our team is fully capable of securely shipping artwork overseas

Moving pianos. We can also take care of your precious music instrument should you need to get it to India. We ship all types of grand pianos in custom-made crates using appropriate packing techniques. 

Pet relocation. Pet transport service is available to clients who hire us to move household goods. We’ll be happy to organize everything from vaccination requirements to final delivery. We’ll make sure that your furry friend arrives safely at your home in India. 

Shipping Options 

Moving to India involves bringing along the most valuable stuff with you and leaving the least behind. This could also include moving several sensitive items that must be handled with exceptional care. So, to provide the best shipping service you deserve, SDC International Shipping presently offers the services listed below.

Shared Container Service

The shared container service is intended for small shipments by sea. This involves sorting your packages and placing these in a container along with the other customers’ consignments. Due to this, you will only pay for the space your parcel occupies inside the container.

Exclusive Container Service

This is ideal for shipping bulk and larger packages. The service involves packing and placing all your stuff in a container exclusively assigned to you. Due to this, you must pay to ship the entire container. Although this can be an expensive option, the increase in payment will eventually pay off knowing that all your stuff will be delivered sealed and in one go in your new home.

Air Freight Service

An air freight service can be your best option if you want to move your belongings fast. Technically, the service uses a commercial or chartered plane to transport the packages. Thus, the delivery time of your prized possessions is reduced to half.

International Car Shipping 

Car shipping should be considered an additional service for clients who decide to send their personal belongings with us. However, importing a vehicle to India may not be a viable option. Vehicles in India are required to fulfill a long list of regulations, including right-hand drive and conforming to Euro III environmental requirements. 

Shipping a motorcycle to India is more straightforward, but it must be fitted with a speedometer indicating speed in kilometers. The best way to send a motorcycle will be a shipping container or RORO. Motorcycles must be no older than three years old and meet Euro II standards.

Make sure to talk to our shipping agent to get the best advice on shipping your auto. 

How Much Does It Cost to Move to India?

Our international relocation service to India covers many services to suit your needs. For example, sending a studio apartment in a shipping container will cost less than sending goods in a solo container. Other factors affecting the price are distance, origin, and complimentary services. 

Please fill out our online quote form or call us to find about accurate moving costs to India. 

Major Moving Destinations in India

Look at the list below of the top destinations for moving to India. They have the most English-speaking expat communities. 

  • Kolkata
  • Puducherry
  • Chandigarh and Gandhinagar 
  • Mumbai
  • Jaipur
  • Bengaluru

Apart from these cities, we can arrange door-to-door moves to other cities in the country. 

More Resources for Your International Move 

For further information on moving to India, call and share your overseas moving needs with one of our logistics experts.

Moving to India from the USA

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