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Moving to Hungary from the US

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Begin your expat journey with SDC. 

Are you moving to Hungary from the USA? Our expert team works alongside US homeowners to ensure a stress-free moving experience. We offer a flexible range of options, and we constantly strive to exceed the expectations of every single customer. 

Whether you need to move a single bedroom apartment or a luxury villa in the USA, our team of household goods movers will pack everything in your home, load it onto a container, and transport to the nearest port, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. 

At SDC International Shipping, we assign a dedicated team of house and vehicle removals to help you reach Hungary safely. 


How to Move to Hungary

Customers always ask how to move to Hungary, especially since it is one of the landlocked countries in Europe. Moving to Hungary may seem complicated because of this. However, with our profound knowledge and vast experience in residential moving, we can ship household items and cars anywhere in Hungary trouble-free. 

Read our information on moving to Hungary, and you will become a Hungarian in a blink of an eye. 

Different Shipping Services for Moving to Hungary

When moving to Hungary from the USA, we offer a few options to meet all needs. 


Packing Service for Household Goods

If you need professional packing service, you can’t come by the SDC packing services that will save you time and energy. Our packing crew is experienced in packing fragile and breakable objects. Transportation of high-value items like artwork and pianos also falls under our expertise. We’ll do our best to carefully organize, pack, and secure your valuables. 

Household Goods Moving to Hungary 

You need a Hungarian residence permit to be eligible for duty-free shipping of household goods and personal effects. Also, your belongings should be in your use and possession for at least six months. All required paperwork must be in Hungarian, including shipping documents, and must be submitted to customs one day prior to clearance.

We advise that you get a translation of all the documentation while in the US  and get it notarized in the Hungarian embassy. It will do much to streamline the process of relocation and shipping.  

At SDC, we help our clients prepare the required documents for export and import. You can rely on our assistance to update you on the latest customs regulations. 

International Car Shipping to Hungary 

Whether you are a US citizen moving to Budapest or any other city in Hungary and planning to ship your auto from the US, we can arrange that. 

To begin with, you need a valid Hungarian Residence Permit to simplify the process. If you have a car made in the US, it may need to be modified as per EU requirements before shipping. In addition, a vehicle has to be less than four years old. Older cars will have to pass emission and environmental tests. To qualify for duty-free, it should be equipped with a catalytic converter. 

Here is the list of documents for customs: 

  • Signed invoice
  • Passport and residence permit
  • Original registration documents and title
  • Liability insurance 
  • Bank guarantee 
  • US driver’s license 

Your shipping agent can help you with obtaining a bank guarantee and other documents. Before shipping a car, we’ll notify US customs about your intentions. 

Storage for Moving to Hungary from the USA

International moving, especially via ocean freight, takes several weeks. And the move may be a little complicated because Hungary doesn’t have direct access to the ocean or sea. 

When your personal belongings get to a port in one of the neighboring countries with Hungary, they may need to be transported to the warehouse for storage before our logistics agents arrange road or rail transport to your final destination. 

As one of the leading moving companies in California, we cater to flexible storage services. SDC International Shipping is always ready to provide high-quality and affordable storage options to accommodate your unique requirements.  

Popular Destinations to Relocate to in Hungary 

We can ship your household stuff almost anywhere in Hungary, though check out the list of popular destinations below: 

  • Budapest 
  • Debrecen
  • Szeged 
  • Gyor
  • Eger 
  • Pecs  
  • Sopron
  • Miskolc

Your belongings or vehicle will be shipped to a port in Croatia or Romania and then transported by land to your new home. 

We often move to Budapest because it is the capital city and the most populous. So it’s no wonder that Budapest has the biggest American expat community. 

Cost of Shipping Goods to Hungary from the USA

The cost of moving to Hungary from the USA is different for each situation. Variables that affect the price are the shipment size and volume, origin/destination, container dimensions, and services you choose. For instance, a move to Hungary from LA would have a different shipping cost than a move from NY. Or, a solo 20ft container shipment is cheaper than sending items in a 40ft exclusive container. Because of this, the best solution is to create a custom quote. Our logistics agents will work out the best international moving quote for your particular move. 

What Our Clients Often Say

“SDC moved me from LA to Hungary. I found their service reliable and cost-efficient. Very hard-working with packing and moving my items. If you need an international or long-distance mover, SDC is the one.” – Bob M.  “Recently finished a great move with SDC. Frankly, we didn’t know what to expect. They came all set for packing and were very polite. Not a single item was broken. I highly recommend them!” – Garry F.

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