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Moving to Hungary – Do’s and Don’ts

Hungary has made a huge transformation over the past 27 years or so, and has become a wonderful place to travel, explore, and even relocate to. The Eastern European country was still part of the USSR in 1989, but has made great progress that included taking huge steps forward regarding culture, employment, social welfare, infrastructure, and many more basic changes that made it such a great place to live in and experience.

So if you are considering relocating there and have already started looking for a moving company to Hungary, you’re about to have a wonderful experience. Here are some basic things, do’s, and don’ts you should know about the Pearl of Danube.

Not from the EU? Harder Beginning, But Still Possible

As always, when arriving at a new country, your first order of business is to take care of the necessary paperwork for your legal status. If you come from the European Union and you want to reside in the country, you need to apply for a registration card.

Additionally, you will have to prove that you have steady income or the ability to pay for basic expenses, and provide a local address, approved by the state, where they can contact you.

After you have these necessary documents, you may register at the social security system and live as an ordinary resident. If you are not a European citizen and you have limited time to stay in the country as a tourist, you must have a visa issued before that period is over. You will also need to show proof of your health insurance.

Basics Steps before Landing

Even though some of the paperwork must be taken care of in your new country, you don’t have to wait as there are things you can prepare in advance. Contact a professional moving company to Hungary before your flight. It’s extremely important to settle in at your new home with the help of someone experienced that has the information about the little details.

You should also think about opening a bank account and apply for medical care services, and of course, think about your new job – trying to look for one in a new country is not an easy task.

Connect to the Customs

The people of Hungary are artistic and are greatly interested in literature, poetry, and science. They have also contributed a lot to these fields during their history, so you may want to deepen your knowledge in these areas. The Hungarians are also very straight forward, so try not to take offense if someone tells you harsh things – chances are, they mean well.

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