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Moving to Germany: What to Expect

When moving to another country you will undoubtedly experience some level of culture shock, requiring you to make some adjustments that may be uncomfortable, but will benefit you in the long run. When moving to Germany, be aware of the following cultural differences for driving on the road and eating out, and you will be better prepared for your stay abroad.


In general, you will find fewer signs in Germany, and less descriptive ones at that. Drivers coming from the right have the right of way, and passing on the right is forbidden on the Autobahn. You will also not find a speed limit sign posted on the Autobahn, and the speed limit on city streets is 30mph unless otherwise posted. Motorists are required to have snow tires during winter times and can be fined if found delinquent. It is also worth noting that gasoline costs twice what it does in the US.


When eating out at a restaurant in Germany, you will notice some differences. One being that normally there will not be a host or hostess to sit you, instead you will be responsible for seating yourself. Soft drinks are normally served without ice. Credit cards are not always accepted, and the tip is given directly to the server, instead of left on the table. There is a limited number of international restaurants serving authentic cuisine, especially Mexican; German “Mexican” is far from authentic.

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