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Moving to Germany? General Information Before Entering Germany

Moving to Germany? How exciting! Whenever you are trying to move from your previous home in California to the new one in Germany, we hope that you moving experience will be great!

The first few months would be the toughest. If you are Relocating to Germany with your family, some will experience “home-sick” or culture shocks: different culture, different the people, different language, and different customs.

We’re sure that you and your family will do just fine!

Moving Can be Stressful

Yes, we know how that feels like 🙂

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when your whole family is moving with you; from document preparation (visa, passport, etc), packing, cleaning, decide which item will go or stay (even donate), and to selecting a moving company that you can trust.

Make sure you understand the customs/ rules before entering the country:

  • To which items or products are allowed and prohibited
  • Obtained work permit issued by the local employment office
  • Important: Customs regulations of Germany are subject to change at any time!
  • German Customs Form 0350, stating goods will not be sold for one year

Click here for more information about German Customs.


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