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Moving to Germany from USA

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There are hundreds of reasons why Germany should be your top option list when planning to move from USA to Europe. First, it is the eighth-most popular country to move to base on the 2019 Expat Explorer Survey by HSBC. Second, it owns the third top spot of the best education system list. Third, Germany ranks second to Switzerland in terms of economic stability.

Still not convinced that Germany is the best place for you to relocate? Read on for more information provided below.

Top reasons for moving to Germany from the USA

Aside from the interesting facts provided above, there are other reasons why Germany should be your top relocation destination. These are the following.

  1. Germany offers a lower cost of living

The cost of living in Germany is very affordable compared to the USA. Based on various studies, eating out in Berlin will cost you about half of what you’ll incur when you eat up in New York. Also, buying groceries in Berlin is almost 50% cheaper than in New York. Thus, the reduced expenses caused by relocating to Germany can make your wallet happier.

  • Living in Germany allows you to save on housing costs

The housing and rent cost in Germany is also more affordable than that of the US. Renting a one-bedroom flat in Berlin is about one third lower than the rent in New York and almost half of the cost in Los Angeles. So, moving to Germany from New York City could help you save about a hundred thousand.

  • Germany provides the best healthcare options

The country has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. This means that everyone is provided with the proper care when needed. Technically, those who live in Germany must get health insurance either from the German public health system or from private companies. But regardless of the type of insurance you own, you are still entitled to the best healthcare options.

How to secure a visa in Germany

One of the most immediate requirements to gain legal entry to Germany is to secure a visa. Luckily, this can be conveniently accomplished if you have a job waiting for you in the country. All you need to do is apply for a Standard Residence Permit from the nearest immigration office or the German Aliens Authority. To ensure that your application will be approved, provide the following.

  • Application form (properly filled-in)
  • A valid passport
  • Official confirmation proving that you’ve already registered your address with the appropriate authorities
  • Tax bill or bank statement
  • Proof that you signed up for the country’s health insurance
  • Letter from your boss confirming your employment
  • Receipt to prove you’ve paid the visa fee

Upon approval and receipt, make sure to have this renewed every year for five years. After five years and you’ve decided to stay in Germany for good, you can now apply for a Permanent Residence visa with the following requirements.

  • Standard Residence Permit (continuously renewed for five straight years)
  • Proof that you’ve taken an integration course.
  • Proof of financial capacity (should prove that you are financially stable)
  • Your US passport
  • Proof that you still signed up for German health insurance.
  • Pass the health check to determine if you’re fit to work

Household Moving to Germany from the USA

Although buying some personal stuff in Germany is convenient and affordable, many Americans who relocate into the country prefer to ship their personal belongings to their new homes. This is because it is hard to look for most of the objects they are accustomed to in Germany.

So, if you feel the same way as these Americans, you should look for a reliable international moving company like SDC International Shipping. Our company specializes in moving household items from the USA to Germany.

We have a team of professional packers trained to pack all your personal stuff, including those that need extra care. Our team also uses special boxes to ensure that all your belongings are shipped to your new home without damage.

SDC also specializes in shipping your car or vehicle to Germany without the need for import duties. Just make sure that the vehicle is at least six months old and you are its registered owner. We also have a team of expert shippers with years of experience in shipping vehicles to anywhere in Germany.

Furthermore, SDC is committed to helping you transport your prized furniture to your new home. Our team is very proficient in preparing various types of furniture for shipping and ensuring that they are delivered to your doorstep in pristine condition.

Thus, SDC International Shipping is your ultimate provider of moving and shipping solutions for relocating abroad.

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