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Moving to Austria – Here’s What You Have to Know

It is not uncommon for Americans to move or relocate to Austria. Some find the next step of their career in this beautiful country while others seek a change in life and new experiences. Regardless of the reason you’re about to leave the US and relocate to Austria, there are probably quite a few things on your mind.

Moving to Austria Made Easy

Being a leading international shipping company we’ve come to realize there are a couple of things to contemplate before moving anywhere, let alone Austria. Here are a couple of tips and pointers worth taking the time to think about:

  • Registration: if you’re moving to Austria, you have to register with the proper authorities within 3 days of arrival. You’ll have to fill out a form and have it approved. This is important, as that form serves as proof of residence that will later serve you for opening a bank account and for a variety of other errands.
  • Work permit: US citizens need a work permit to practice their profession in Austria. Make sure to start the application process as early as possible, it may take some time and you wouldn’t want to move all the way to Austria without being able to work for a living.
  • Work: unless you’re last year’s Powerball’s big winner, you’ll probably have to land a job. Naturally, you should look for a job beforehand, if possible. Relocating when you already have a job waiting for you is a lot easier and it also helps with formal application processes.
  • Get a feel of the place: changing where you live is a big step. Try making a trip or two to Austria so you will be able to get a feel of the place, know your way around a bit, and see how things work. You would also be wise to check Austria’s weather and climate and come prepared.
  • Healthcare: Austria’s healthcare system is a very good one, albeit expensive. This means that getting a health insurance is a must.
  • Language: knowing as much of the language as possible before getting to Austria will sure come in handy.
  • Planning the move: one of the most important factors that will impact your stay is the moving process itself. Make sure to get the help of an international relocation specialist that will get as many tasks as possible off your hands.

Our experts are right here should you want to consult with them or run some thoughts by them.

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