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Moving Tips: Poland

Relocating to Poland may not be easy for everyone. If you find yourself experiencing a bit of culture shock upon entering Poland, don’t worry, it’s normal.

Poland is a Slavic country located in Eastern Europe that has had a rough recent history, but is currently on the rise and its outlook is good; however, its economy still lags behind most of Europe.

The infrastructure of Poland is particularly bad, and traffic can be a nightmare, especially in Warsaw.  You will find many Roman Catholics here, but in general there is high religious tolerance throughout the country due to their history of persecution.

Even though Poland has been in the midst of much conflict in the past hundred years, since the Cold War they have been ranking higher and higher on the Human Development Index.

Here is some advice to help you get along better abroad in Poland:

– If you are planning to stay longer than two months, you are required to obtain a PESEL, basically a Polish social security number.  Having one will help you get health care, loans, and a job.
– Like I mentioned before, traffic is horrendous, but that also applies to trains as well.  Sometimes it is faster to take a car because you can take back roads.
– Cars can NOT turn right on red
– Tap water is fine for cooking, but be wary of drinking it prior to filtration or boiling
– Fruits and veggies from local markets are good, but stay away from mall produce (good advice for anywhere if you ask me)
– Use Warsaw Insider Magazine for information about local events, classifieds, culture, etc.
– Bring coats! Winters are bitter cold, even at lower elevations.

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