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Moving to Oman from the USA

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Moving Internationally to Oman

Moving to Oman from the USA has become popular among American workers mainly engaged in the construction and oil industry. Many young graduates take advantage of the invaluable professional opportunity that probably won’t happen at home. Besides, the Sultanate of Oman is a tax haven – income isn’t taxed. 

So if you’ve got an assignment to work in Muscat and search for household movers, SDC International Movers is the company to ship your personal belongings to Oman from anywhere in the USA. 

We have been in the logistics and freight forwarding industry for several years and know how to make your move easy. 

Read our guide below to find out about our moving services. 

Seamless Shipping of Household Goods to Oman

When moving to Oman from the USA for a year or two, you will definitely want to bring your belongings and personal effects. As your international household mover, we can handle everything from packing, storage, and paperwork for customs to international moving insurance to door-to-door delivery. 

You can also count on us when you need a mover for your piano or ship artwork overseas. The shipping of fragile items falls under our specialty services. 

How Does It Work With Omani Customs? 

You don’t have to pay duty on your household goods at the Omani customs. However, you must have purchased them at least 6 months ago and used them for a minimum of 6 months to qualify for the duty-free shipment via sea or air freight. In addition, you must have lived outside Oman for at least 12 months. Finally, you must be present at customs to receive your stuff. 

Here are the documents you need to submit for customs clearance: 

  • Passport
  • Valid work permit
  • Original Bill of Lading or Air Waybill 
  • Omani ID for the clearing process
  • Inventory
  • Insurance coverage 

Please note that you can’t bring in alcoholic beverages because Oman is an Islamic country. There are many other requirements, restrictions, and prohibitions, but you don’t have to worry about that. Our experienced team will guide you through all the customs requirements.  





Shipping a Car to Oman from the USA

Are you a Toyota, Nissan, or Lexus owner? You can ship your car to Oman but before you decide whether it is worth it, consider the following information: 

  • Duty-free shipment is applied to vehicles no more than 2 years old. Older cars are subject to 5%-10% duties. 
  • The vehicle should be at least 12 months old, but right-hand drive vehicles are not allowed for import. 
  • Cars older than 7 years must have a GCC certificate. 
  • Import Authorization and No Objection Certificate are a must. 
  • You will have to provide customs with the proof of insurance. 
  • The Title and the vehicle’s registration are needed as well. 

We can also ship motorcycles, RVs, and pickups. As for paperwork, fees, and duty payments – leave it to us. We’ll handle the requirements, so you don’t have to. 

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Oman from the USA?

At SDC International Shipping, we have two shipping container sizes. A 40’ container can fit the contents of a large house with four or five bedrooms. A 20’ container can hold the contents of a three-bedroom apartment, with some free space for a bike or two.

So the size and volume of your goods and the container dimension you need will affect the price. But there are more factors in play, such as origin, distance, the type of service, and shipping method. For example, a moving price for consolidated shipping differs from sending items in a private container. Given these factors, we create custom quotes for each move. 

You are welcome to request a free quote online or speak to one of our logistics agents to know about your options. 

How Long Does it Take To Move to Oman from the USA?

Shipping household goods to Oman by sea takes around 6-10 weeks. Containers that arrive during Ramadan will need an additional week for customs clearance. Air shipments are the most expensive but typically arrive in 5-7 days. 

What to Know Before Moving to Oman from the USA?

  • You need a work permit before moving to Oman from the USA. 
  • Your employer or sponsor must be responsible for arranging accommodation, bank account, and other matters for you. 
  • Omani employers offer generous employment packages. 
  • If you have a GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) passport, you can get a visa at the Omani border. 
  • Many American expats take private medical insurance. 
  • Rent is paid annually. 
  • Oman has very decent international schools for children. 

Top Moving Destinations in Oman 

Most expats are concentrated in the capital and largest city of the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat. Nevertheless, we can arrange door-to-door delivery of your items to Seeb, Sohar, Sur, Rustaq, Saham, etc. 

We also ship household goods and vehicles to other Middle East countries such as: 

SDC International Movers will be happy to move you to Oman or elsewhere globally. 

Curious Facts About the Sultanate of Oman

As a Christian, you may wonder how it is to live in a Muslim country and whether you will have an opportunity for Christian worship. But you might be surprised that Oman is less strict than neighboring Saudi Arabia, more peaceful than neighboring Yemen, and less snazzy than the neighboring United Arab Emirates.

It is an open, tolerant, Western-leaning country where someone who has lived in the United States for many years can feel comfortable. While most of our clients moving to Oman are Muslims, you will have an opportunity to attend the church and enjoy the company of fellow believers. 

Other interesting facts: 

  • Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. 
  • The history of the royal reign is the longest in Oman. 
  • Muslims make up 85% of the population. 
  • The national animal of Oman is the Arabian Oryx.
  • Oman has four UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Shipbuilding is the main source of income in Oman. 
  • Tourists can buy alcoholic beverages in licensed shops.
  • A king drink in Oman is coffee. 
  • Oman has the lowest crime rate. 
  • Mountain dew is very popular there. 
  • English and Arabic are two common languages. 
  • Locals love to smoke shisha. 
  • It’s very hot in Oman, and winter is the best season of the year. 

Moving to Oman from the USA with SDC International Movers

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