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Moving to Denmark: What to Expect

Throughout history Denmark has been one of the most progressive countries and cultures in the world, and that is no different in present times. When moving to Denmark, one will find an open-minded country where people are free to express their opinions and ideals. The Danes are a value-driven people who put stock in modesty, punctuality, and equality. While learning Danish will certainly help you assimilate, English is widely spoken and you will be able to get along fine without Danish (though learning Danish is recommended).

Danes are very liberal but also very traditional. For every holiday or celebration, there is some kind of attached tradition to it.

Denmark is a very compact country, so people get along on foot or bike quite well. If you are taking a bike you can often get to your destination much faster, in fact. There are many great bike paths all over Denmark for you to explore on your free time. It is important to learn the Danish bike rules, however, they are very strict about proper etiquette, especially in the cities where there is a lot of traffic.

As I mentioned before, Danes are open-minded and operate in a free thinking society. You are expected to be assertive and introduce yourself in social situations or at work. Danish people can be reclusive and are a bit reserved, so be aware that you may have to push a little bit.

With the right attitude and learning a bit of Danish you will do just fine moving to Denmark.

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