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Moving to Belgium: What to Expect

Belgians enjoy a very high standard of living characterized by excellent health care and public education. Belgium has long been a popular choice for expatriates for these reasons along with a prosperous economy and a strong international presence on the political stage. When Moving to Belgium, here are some customs to get acquainted to:

– Public toilets are rare so be sure and do your business before you leave the house. If you find that you absolutely can’t hold it anymore, there are usually pay toilets and they are very clean.

– Doctors will still make house calls, though they operate on a first come, first serve basis and the quality may not be as good as in the States.

– The quality of meat is not that good and it is quite expensive. Beef is considered a luxury item and generally saved for special occasions.

– Belgians have some of the best beer and chocolate in the world. You will find that entire meals are planned around the restaurant’s beer selection.

– What you see on TV will be quite different also. Sex is quite prevalent, while violence is heavily edited.

– Clothing is expensive, though you get what you pay for. Belgian clothing styles are widely regarded as some of the most stylish in the world, and Belgians are always well dressed, even at the grocery store at 9am.

– Like other European nations, dinner/night life begins much later. Belgians won’t start eating till about 9pm, and clubs routinely stay open past dawn.

Belgium is full of opportunity and life. Anyone moving here should take full advantage of everything the country has to offer in order to fully enjoy themselves.

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