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Moving to Austria: Tips and Advice

With any form of moving overseas, there are certain things to follow which makes the transition a lot easier. Each country has its own set of rules or unique quirks that one should become familiar before moving. Here are some tips to make your move to Austria a lot smoother.

Shipping to Austria? Use online resources

The moving process isn’t so difficult because there are great resources online that will guide you to good apartments and schools for you and your family. You’ll see that there are great firms that will help you get the hard stuff out of the way. Make sure you register within a few days of arrival and fill out a Meldezettel form to provide proof of your address for more important items down the line such as your own bank account.

Work prmit at Austria

If you are from the states or generally anywhere outside the European Union, expect to fill out a work permit in order to work. You should definitely take this in consideration before you decide to move because it can take a while before your form is accepted. Having a solid background in German will increase your chances of obtaining a position.

transportation in Austria

Once you’ve gotten these factors out of the way, you should find a mode of transportation. Having a car is good because the roadways are great for making commutes.
However, the public transit is solid especially in the more metropolitan spots of Austria making it more convenient and reliable for travel.

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