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Moving Advice for Lithuania

If you are planning to move to Lithuania, you may need to make the proper preparations beforehand. Think about acquiring a visa to the country before you go, since this will enable you to enter legally. It can also be the first step towards securing citizenship. This will just be the beginning of your preparations, so make sure you are ready to handle any other issue that may come up along the way.

When you leave for the country, be sure to stock up on the local currency. The country currently uses the Lithuanian litas for its money. It is currently tied to the Euro, since the country plans to adopt that currency around 2015. The country uses a progressive taxation system, so make sure you are prepared to adjust to it. You will need to file if you plan on becoming a citizen of the country.

If you would like to interact with the locals, you should learn some Lithuanian. About 16$% of the country can speak English, so it won’t be widely spoken. Try to pick up on some basic phrases before you leave. You may find that you learn the language more quickly once you are immersed in the local culture.

There are quite a different jobs available to people from different backgrounds, so try to apply once you arrive here. It may help if you have graduate or advanced education in a specific field. It has a growing auto manufacturing industry that may be able to offer a few different jobs.

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