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Moving Advice for Italy

Moving to Italy is a major step for any American. Of course there are bound to be moments where you feel like there are too many differences and you will never assimilate to a new way of doing things. In truth, you can get used to living in Italy if you are well-prepared.

One of the biggest cultural differences between the US and Italy is the amount of touching involved in daily interactions. Initially, you might be put off by hugging and gesturing common in Italian communication. If you want to fit in with cultural standards, build a strong sense of humor and learn how to communicate similarly.

You must learn about the cost of living in Italy before you move. Many Americans find that products from the US are much more expensive than they were back home. Utilizing Italian foods is much more affordable.

Obtaining a visa is an important step in the process of moving to a new country. While a visa is not required for Americans to visit Italy for less than 90 days, a visa is essential for a moving. Looking at the Embassy website or calling a representative will help you determine which visa you need to apply for.

Italy is a wonderful country to live in. Once you have learned some essential Italian phrases, customs and safety tips, you are well on your way to loving your new home.

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