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How to Move Your Antiques the Right Way

antiquesThere are numerous ways to pack and move your belongings, from the eccentric wrapping with old t-shirts to purchasing custom made crates. When traveling abroad, you will probably find yourself deciphering ways to move your most precious belongings. For some, this could mean old comic books and video games. To many, this could be family heirlooms and beloved antiques that are worth a fortune. You shouldn’t have to stress about moving, but if you are go ahead and read these simple steps to move your antiques.

Get an Appraisal

In case your items do get damaged, it’s best to know the true worth of your antiques. Get an appraisal done prior to moving so you have complete coverage. You will be transferring your home owners insurance policy regardless so you will need to know the value of expensive belongings.

To ensure you are getting a good appraiser ask an insurance agent, attorney, or bank official for a recommendation.

Prepare and Clean Thoroughly

cleaningSmaller antiques are much easier to pack than those larger, bulkier items. If you have the original casing, place your antiques back into those boxes. If not, use industry grade material such as triple walled cartons and bubble wrap.

For fine china, wrap each dish individually in tissue paper. Stemware should be placed carefully in individual containers.

When cleaning your antiques before your move overseas, purchase quality cleaning products from your local hardware store. Make sure to stay away from oil or wax on wood because this could soften the finish and create imprinting. Additionally, stay away from tape as it sticks to the surface and leaves hard to remove traces.

Take Pictures

cameraBefore hiring a mover, take photos of your antiques. You will want to make sure you have every single antique photographed in case someone claims “the scratch was already there.” Definitely have proof so no one can question you.

Position Belongings in the Truck Carefully

If you have decided to move antiques in the truck yourself, place everything strategically. Do not push or slide items. For items that cannot be carried, use a dolly so you do not cause any added damage. If you have items that can be easily broken, position them in the truck where they cannot be hit or touched by other belongings.

Do An Inventory

When you arrive at your new location, make sure you count each item. You do not want to unpack all your belongings and then later realize you are missing something. Take that extra time out of your day to see if all your antiques are present.

For quality care and quick moving, contact SDC International Shipping. Our professional movers have the skills and training to move your belongings the correct way.

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