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What Does it Mean to be Licensed and Bonded?

Travel AbroadWhen selecting a professional moving company, make certain that they are REALLY professional. If the company is not licensed and bonded, avoid them at all costs. You need to select a reputable company, not just any team that offers a low estimate. If you pay next to nothing to move your goods, you’re guaranteed a ripped box and lost possessions. You might as well kiss your valuables goodbye.


Selecting a bonded company is crucial when moving for several reasons. Basically, a bonding company has put away funds that are made accessible to the consumer (you) in case an accident has occurred during your move. The money is not in control of the moving company; rather it is in control of the state. Let’s say you hire a moving company and they steal your white diamond necklace. Once you file that claim, an investigation takes place and you are paid out by the bond.


A license is necessary for various professions, especially a moving company. Having a license present verifies that you are competent and thoroughly trained to do the work. Clients can get your license number and search it through the Better Business Bureau to view your reliability. By having a license, this demonstrates to the client that you are dependable and professional. It’s also comforting to know you are leaving the job up to a professional.


paperworkInsurance protects the client which makes for a huge impact when choosing a company. If a worker gets hurt on the job handling your items or working at your home, a claim can be submitted against your insurance. This is why you must select a company that has insurance. If a worker becomes injured, the claim will go against the company’s insurance.

Basically, make sure the company you are choosing is licensed, bonded and insured or you could be in a whirlwind of issues. Upon finding out that the company has attained all three, check their background. Do a lot of research and check at least 3 quotes with other companies. It’s worth taking the time to do a little investigating.

When considering an international moving company, contact SDC International Shipping. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our staff has undergone an extensive background check, screening and thorough training. We have years of experience, great testimonials and are 100% reliable.

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