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What to Look for in Moving Companies to Europe

Relocating your residence to Europe is the start of a new adventure! Whether you’re relocating for employment reasons or otherwise, with your family or alone, Europe offers so much to explore – culture, nature, history – you name it! But before moving you have to choose a professional international moving company to Europe – Here are some tips that will help you in successfully doing so.

Is the Company licensed and bonded?

The first thing to ensure is that the companies you consider are licensed and bonded. If one or more aren’t, they shouldn’t be considered at all. When the company is licensed, you can be rest assured you are covered if anything goes wrong during the process.

Does the Company Offer Insurance Services?

Buying an insurance for your belongings is highly important. You know how it is, even the best moving company in the whole world can’t promise beyond any doubt that each and every item you ship will arrive in perfect condition. Things can sometimes get lost or get damaged during shipment and only insurance can provide full reassurance.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

The next step will be to check what services each company offers. There are the standard moving services, such as: shipping, packing and storing, and there are added value services, such as expert consultation regarding the different regulations of the destination country that apply to your relocation process, such as immigration and customs regulations. Being aware of such regulations can help you properly prepare for the relocation and make better choices during the process in order to lower costs and to experience a nice and stress-free relocation.

Is the Company Available?

The next thing you should check is whether the company is available to you on the expected moving date. It is best to book your preferred date as soon as possible to make sure your company of choice will be available. Remember that the moving industry has busy periods in which most moving companies to Europe will be swamped and in which you probably won’t be able to schedule your preferred moving date.

Remember to enjoy the relocation, it is part of your new adventure!

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