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Living In France

France is known for its rich food history, beautiful architecture, and world-famous museums. The country is also known for being a popular tourist destination for many years. While moving to France is an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming and hard if you aren’t fully prepared. Use the tips below to help you:

  • Speak as much French as possible.
    Do your best to learn important phrases like common greetings, medical instructions, and dietary needs. Write these phrases in a notebook that you will carry with you at all times.
  • Have manners when eating with a French family or one of your co-workers.
    Be punctual and wait to be seated. Don’t eat until the host says, “Bon Appetit.” Make sure you finish your plate and fold lettuce onto your fork. Lastly, if the wine is served and you don’t drink, leave your glass nearly full to avoid being offered more wine. It is okay to ask for water if you don’t drink.
  • Be prepared to get adapters for your electrical devices.
    Cell phones, computers, and camera chargers will each need a different adapter to work in France so keep that in mind when packing. If you can, leave an item or two behind or try to sell it. You’ll be able to find whatever you need in France.

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