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Living Abroad for An Introvert

Published on Nov 05, 2018 by Kfir Cohen

Being an introvert does not necessarily mean being a person who suffers from social anxiety, awkwardness or from being shy. A particular number of introverts might really do anything to avoid being in the center of different situations such as parties or speaking in front of a large crowd of people, but not all introverts are alike. Usually an introvert would be a person who appreciates their alone time better than others, but it is far from being anti-social.

And by this introduction the idea is to emphasize the fact that not only extroverts tend to succeed in relocating to a new country and build an entire new life and social circles. Many introverts are able to make a perfect relocation, too, and they learn how to live the way they like, once they are settled in their new home and work environment. So, if you are an introvert who is willing to find an international moving company and make a bold move to an entirely new place, read on.

Being an Expat as an Introvert

Once the decision is made and you start preparing for the big move, you will notice the process requires quite a lot of social interaction with different people. It is necessary in order to complete a successful relocation, and have the smoothest experience possible. If you tend to be a homebody, you will also need to prepare yourself for the upcoming months, until you will get acclimated in your new destination and have your regular routine.

Once you have completed the moving process, from contacting an international moving company to getting an estimated price for the relocation of all your belongings, to having your new home set up and starting at a new place of work, the social requirements are still far from over.

Socializing in A New Country

Part of relocating to a new home and especially an entirely new country, is creating new social circles for yourself. It is necessary to do so, even if you cherish being alone. No one is saying you have to become the most familiar face out there, but you do need to keep a few contacts for different situations that might occur. You can start by introducing yourself to your new neighbors, and by talking a little with your new colleagues.

Introverts usually don’t enjoy being spontaneous, outgoing or action-oriented. That does not mean that you are set to fail being an expat, as an introvert. In some manners, relocating to a new country might actually be easier for introverts, as they frequently tend to be highly focused on their goals and missions, in a very organized fashion. This makes finding an international shipping company and dealing with all the rest of the relocation arrangements quite an intriguing yet totally doable challenge.

Don’t Forget to Live the Way You Like

You should always remember to leave some time for doing the things you enjoy the most. If spending time alone is one of those things, set aside the time for it. For introverts, some alone time is important in order to recharge their energy, so they would be able to deal with the world in the coming days. You should take the fact that different countries have different cultures into consideration when you relocate, as some cultures put a greater emphasis on group-oriented interactions.

Make sure you use your advantages as an introvert. Introverts are usually very loyal to their workplace and business contacts, good listeners and they usually keep their friends close. When making such a big change in your life you should rely on those characteristics and always be ready to deal with unexpected and sudden situations that will most likely require dealing with various social situations.

Moving Abroad Successfully

After considering everything regarding the fact you are an introvert, you also need to make some serious preparations for the upcoming relocation date. Finding an international shipping company is the first step, and it is a very important one. You should check and compare between a few service providers, and choose the one that seems to best fit your needs.

Learn and research all available international shipping methods, so you can be ready when you close a deal for the relocation of your home.

By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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