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Lingual Differences You Should Be Aware of When Moving to England from the USA

If you think about moving to England from the USA, you should take into consideration that there are a lot of cultural differences between the two countries. One of the most evident differences is that of the language. Although both countries speak English, at times, different meanings to the same word can either start a laugh, or get you slapped in the face…

Smoking or Making Romantic Plans?

Besides handling the logistics of the move one should make sure to be well aware of lingual differences between the USA and the UK. For example, a fag in England simply means a cigarette and is quite an innocuous word. In the USA on the other hand, the word is an insulting name for a homosexual. So, if you move to England and someone stops you on the street and asks whether you have a fag on you, you’d better remember what they’re really asking for, or things can get uncomfortable.

A Place of Residence or a Roadside Emergency?

While a flat in the USA usually means that one of your tires got punctured and deflated, in the UK a flat is an apartment. So, if someone asks you where your flat is in England, you’d better not lead them to your car and expect them to lend a hand.

Angry or Drunk?

When an American is pissed, you know they’re angry at something. In fact, they’re so angry they can try to hit someone. In the UK when someone is pissed they can still be angry, but only because they’ve run out of liquor as pissed in England means drunk.

Pay a Visit or Hurry and Buy the Pill?

When someone knocks someone up in England, they’re simply paying them a visit. They’re quite literally knocking on their door to start their visit. However, if you knock someone up in the USA, you’ve gotten a girl pregnant, usually out of wedlock. In that case, you’d better have someone nearby to knock up and hide in their house…

Granted, these are just a couple of examples and there are many other words and expressions with different meanings. Your best course of action when moving to England from the USA is to look up these words and learn their meaning in the UK. This way, you’ll make new friends more quickly and save yourself from getting slapped in the face every now and then.

Best of British luck to you all!

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