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Learn a Foreign Language: Spanish

Moving to Spain can be a daunting task for anyone, especially if you don’t speak the local language.  Learning Spanish, at least at a conversational level, can be incredibly helpful for acclimating yourself better and quicker.  There are many ways to go about learning a foreign language, here are some:

  1. Find a good online resource.  The internet offers endless opportunities to both learn and practice your Spanish.  Take basic lessons and chat with native speakers looking to improve their English!  Try these websites:,, and
  2. Start to think in Spanish.  The more you train your brain to think in Spanish, the quicker it will come to you when you need it!Moving to Spain
  3. Learn about the culture.  The Spanish language is intrinsically tied to the culture of Spain, so many words have multiple meanings.  Learning about the culture will help you get a grasp of the language and where it came from.
  4. Listen to Spanish language music.  Not only is it musically pleasing but it will get you familiar with slang and other colloquial terms or sayings you don’t get from books.  Who knows, you may even like some of it!
  5. Practice!  Find a friend, co-worker, or an online amigo and practice your Spanish.  Nothing will help more than getting out and speaking the language.  No matter how bad you sound, the more you practice the better you get!

Moving to Spain? learn spanish!

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