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What Items Should You Donate or Sell Before Moving Abroad?

For most people, moving entails packing all of your belongings into a truck and taking it to your new home. However, for those moving abroad, this style of packing will cost you an exorbitant amount of money. Here are some tips to help you decide what to sell or donate before you international move.

Large Pieces of Furniture

ChildrensfurnitureThere is usually no good reason to drag your dinette set, living room suite or bedroom chest of drawers halfway around the planet. Global relocation fees are such that you would pay more to move what you already have than you would pay to simply buy new furniture in your new location. Of course, chronic pain sufferers or those with medical issues may need to take a costly custom bed with them, and you may decide it’s worth it to keep your great-grandmother’s solid oak kitchen table. There will always be exceptions, but most large furniture can be sold or donated before you go.

Huge Musical Instruments

hornIf you own a grand piano or a gigantic pedal harp, the cost of moving it and having it arrive in playable condition should definitely be in your considerations. Look into how much these instruments cost in your new location. Unless your instrument is special in some way, it may be much less expensive to sell the one you own now and buy another after your global relocation.

Outrageously Fragile Items

While of course you will hire professional international movers that are both safe and reliable, your items will still need to be able to handle the journey. Those paper-thin champagne flutes you could replace for a few dollars? Those exquisitely-delicate candle holders you bought for three dollars? Donate them or sell them. There is little sense in paying to ship something that may likely arrive broken no matter how careful you and the movers are.

On a similar vein, rattan and wicker furniture does not handle international moves very well. Overseas moving often destroys these items. Even though they are light, they are fragile and crack easily. Donate or sell them and save yourself the hassle.

Large Plastic Items

Your kids’ kitchen play set, the huge plastic shelves you have in the playroom and all of those oddly-shaped plastic toys for outside can be donated. They take up a ton of space and can be bought anywhere in the world if your child truly misses them in your new home.

Moving abroad is an exciting time in your life. Knowing what to leave behind can streamline your packing process and leave you to deal with the essentials. At SDC International Shipping we can provide the right tools and resources to help make your move stress-free. We offer free moving boxes, door-to-door shipping and custom crates for those bulkier items. Don’t let moving become a hassle.

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By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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