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International Shipping Household Goods

When you relocate to another country, you will want to move most of your personal goods with you. Look around your home and in your yard, how much of that stuff will you want once you get settled in your new country. Books, furniture, games, sports equipment, leisure and hobby equipment, kitchen and dining ware are just some of the things that people send.

There is good reason also. You have probably already your destination and know that the cost of replacing them in your new home. It will probably far outweigh the cost of sending your things.

It doesn’t matter the reason you are relocating, some things in the US are better than anywhere else. You can get better quality merchandise at lower prices in the US than you can almost anywhere in the world. You should not only send most of what you own, you might even want to get a few things that will be helpful after your relocation.

The International shipping of household goods is a specialty, that is best done by professionals who do nothing else.

International Shipping Household Goods- Move House Hold Overseas

Consider the climate of your destination. Will you be moving somewhere warmer or cooler? Make sure that you bring clothes appropriate for the climate you are moving to on the plane with you, as the remainder of your things will arrive in 5-9 weeks.

If you are moving to a drastically different climate, stock up on appropriate clothing before you leave. Buy a few pair of spare shoes for everyone.

Ship House Hold Internationally

We recommend that most of our residential clients using SDC International Shipping’s packing service to ship their household internationally. There are a few good reasons for this:

The cost of packing will pay for itself. Just buying the necessary materials will cost half the amount of the service.

On your quote for moving service, you will see that a fee not included is for manual container inspection. This is because only 5% of most containers are randomly selected for inspection and we can’t charge for something that probably won’t happen. However, with containers that are packed by owners, the inspection rate is much higher, varying from port to port.

Another reason you should less us pack is that you can insure your shipment against damages during shipping only if it is packed by professional movers. You will still be able to insure against total loss of your shipment, but all damage is your fault.

If you are sending a vehicle, it needs to be properly prepared for shipment.

Most importantly, it will remove huge hassle from an already complicated relocation. Let SDC do the work!

How to Pack House Hold Goods for Shipping

If you insist on packing your things without our packing service, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. You must use only new boxes. Even if they look new and really convenient, you cannot reuse boxes.
  2. You must clearly label each box’s contents. Please be very specific. Writing “miscellaneous” is never a good idea, instead write “bathroom accessories” or something more descriptive.
  3. Number your boxes. Some countries insist that like mannered things be consecutively numbered. This will also help when we deliver your things (e.g — place boxes 17 to 22 in the lounge).
  4. Check that everything you send is allowed to be sent to your destination. There are some countries that don’t like books, others don’t like communication equipment.
  5. A stipulation of tax free import is to only import used goods. Things that look new will be questioned. If you plan on sending something new, make sure to buy at six months before your departure, and consider reboxing. Keep receipts to show that you have owned these things for the necessary period.

Why Choose Us for Shipping House Hold Goods

You should choose SDC International Shipping as your choice for sending your household goods from California to your new home in another country. SDC exclusively ships internationally. We are not a couple of dudes with a van who put up a website, or slick salesmen who have bought your information.

We are professional international moving company. We will take full responsibility for your move, from the pickup in California to the ultimate delivery wherever you are going. Any services that you need we will provide.

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