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International Shipping Companies in California

If you live in California and have decided to relocate to another country, you will want to speak with SDC International Shipping. If you’ve searched for international shippers, myriad results come up, but few are real Californian companies like SDC International Shipping.

For you, this means that we can offer services, using our personnel and our facilities, and not rely upon agents to help us in areas out of our immediate reach. Packing and loading are the most important part of an international shipment, and this should be done by an actual Californian international shipper and not local movers contracted by a national service.

California International Shipping Services

One of the most important international shipping services that we offer in California is onsite estimates. While not everyone will need this, most people have not moved abroad before, and aren’t exactly clear on how much they will be shipping. What you should ship and what should you leave behind? Will you need a 20’ container or a 40’ container? Will you be sending a car? An onsite estimate is available throughout California.

Types of International Shipping in California

If you are moving from California, SDC International Shipping can offer you a full slate of international shipping services.

The most popular service that we offer from California is the shipment of private containers. These are available in 20’ and 40’ sizes. The 20’ container suffices for most 3-bedroom houses. 40’ containers are usually used by those with larger shipments or those who choose to send a vehicle along as a part of their household.

SDC also sends smaller shipments, starting at 100 cubic feet for door to door service, about the size of a fully packed pallet.  We can send shipments from 50 cubic feet if you drop it off at our LA of SF warehouses.

If you are sending an oversized SUV, a recreational boat, or an RV, it probably won’t fit into a shipping container. These items we send using a special service for oversized items known as roll on roll off service.

Time sensitive shipments to other countries are sent using international air cargo.

If you are moving to the EU, Australia, or the UK we offer an additional international shipping service called a groupage shipment which reduces the price for most of these destinations.

We have a lot of Californians move to Mexico, both returning Mexicans and Americans retiring to places Cabo and La Paz. For those moving to Mexico or Canada, we are required to ship your cargo using moving vans.

The International Sea & Air Shipping Advantage

International sea shipping is extremely efficient. Thanks to advances brought about by the universal intermodal shipping containers shared by trucks, ocean freighters and railways, we can deliver a container almost anywhere in the world. The cost of sea shipment is also affordable. In the past, sending a container across the ocean was very expensive. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology in shipping, it now costs far less to send your belongings overseas than it does to replace them. This will be especially true if you choose to send a vehicle as a part of your household goods.

The greatest advantage of air shipping is its timeliness. Maritime shipments usually take a few months to arrive. Air shipments usually take only about a week, depending on the specific pickup and drop-off locations. However, air shipments are much more expensive than sea shipments, and are impractical for entire households. While most of our air shipments are done for our commercial clients, we have many residential clients who prefer to send a portion of their shipment via air cargo in addition to their main household shipment.

There is an added advantage of international air shipping for our residential clients. Most of our clients take advantage of rules allowing for the tax-free import of a shipment of household goods for immigrants and returning citizens. In most countries sending air cargo allows you to send air cargo in addition to your sea shipment. Please note that these rules will change from territory to territory. SDC International Shipping’s relocation specialists will apprise you of the rules for you destination.

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