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What to Look for in International Removal Service Providers

Moving from one country to another can be stressful enough without having to worry every inch of the way about the removal company handling your personal belongings. Hiring an international removal company is not something to be casually and thoughtlessly done, but rather, a decision which requires planning, research, and attention to detail.

Here are a couple of things to check, ask, and contemplate when looking for an international removal company. It’s as simple as PINC.


P for Paperwork

Checking for the company`s credentials is an extremely important step. This should include licenses, accreditations, and any other formal document that will help you arrive at a more informed decision. Amongst the different licenses and certifications you look for, it is highly recommended to check if your international removal company of choice is a member of the global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies (FIDI). Such affiliation guarantees that the international removal company you’re interested in meets certain criteria and prerequisites, which make it more likely that you will enjoy a pleasant international removal experience.

I for Insurance

Just considering the value, financial as well as emotional, of the load the international removal company is in charge of, can make your heart skip a beat. Hiring a struggling company or a less than competent one can result in lost belongings and a whole lot of heartache. Luckily, there’s insurance for exactly such instances. That’s why it’s imperative to hire an insured international removal company.

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N for Numbers

You can’t hire an international removal company without crunching some numbers. One of the most obvious yet sometimes neglected things to do is getting a feel of the market and asking for detailed quotes from several service providers. The more information you get the better. The quotes you get should include the following information: included services, accepted payment means, insurance, rates, deadlines, and the like. International removal process is too important to leave to chance, so do your research.

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C for Customers

Even after you do all the research there’s still nothing better than talking to previous customers who’ve used the services you’re interested in. Reputable international removal companies should have no difficulty providing you with a list of several previous customers. Ask for the list, make the calls, make sure you ask all of the important questions, and get a real feel of the company you’re looking to hire.

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