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International Moving to Malta

If you are planning or considering relocation to Malta for your family, you should read SDC International Shipping’s guide to Malta Relocation.

International Moving Company to Malta

Have you decided to move to Malta? This small island nation is surprisingly attractive, and SDC International Shipping has actually helped families relocate there.

International Household Moving to Malta

Malta is a great place to live, a small island nation in the heart of the Mediterranean. Some move there for the advantageous tax situation, some go there to retire. They have their own, very unique language called Malti, but English is understood by everyone and unlike many other European locations, you won’t feel like an outsider speaking English.

Malta is very different from the United States, it is a small island nation, with a storied history and strategic location between Europe and Africa. You won’t be able to readily find many of the things that you have grown accustomed to in the USA when you move. You should definitely send there anything that you think you will miss.

If you can, you should take your furniture with you. We assume that you have visited Malta several times before deciding to move there and have some ideas about the kind of dwelling that you want. Some homes in Malta are built similar in size to an American suburban home, but most people retiring there choose smaller urban apartments. Not all of your furniture will fit to apartments, downsize if necessary. If you are moving to a Gozo farm house, take everything you own, they are spacious. If you don’t yet have an apartment rented, it is safe to assume that not all of the furniture that you now own will fit into it.

Your personal effects should come with you to your new home. Outside of your clothes, bring kitchen tools and utensils, and bring artwork, hobby equipment, etc. Keep in mind that the winter in Malta is short and mild. If you enjoy winter weather, there is plenty close by in Europe, if not you rarely need more than a sweater and a light raincoat. Remember that you are moving to the Mediterranean, to its very heart in fact! Take appropriate furniture and clothes.

In order to save you both on your budget and the space in your container, SDC International Shipping will meticulously prepare your shipment. If you are taking a table, our movers will remove its legs or stands and wrap them for protection. Beds will be taken apart in the US, and then reassembled when they arrive in your Maltese home. This is done for all of our clients, even those who do not choose packing service. There are some clients who choose to load a container themselves, but this is not recommended.

SDC International Shipping offers packing and white glove service to our clients throughout the USA. Packing is especially important if you want to insure your shipment. Insurance against damage to your possessions is only available if your shipment is professionally packed for you. You will still be able to purchase insurance against total loss, but that policy will not cover damage to a portion of your cargo.

Definitely bring your bicycles. In Malta they are used to slow vehicles on the road, with animal drawn vehicles and animals commonly seen. The beautiful island offers plenty of lovely cycling routes.

International Car Moving to Malta

When moving to Malta, in most cases you should not bring your car with you. Malta was under British rule as a crown colony during the transformative years of the automobile taking over the roads. They drive on the left, but unlike most left side of the road nations, they do not specifically prohibit the import of cars. However, keep in mind that most roads in Malta are narrow, and most cars in Malta are compact.

Motorcycles can also be imported to Malta, and for many people this will be a better alternative if you love riding, as parking can be very difficult in urban Malta.

Moving to Malta: Customs and Regulations

Malta is a European Union member and Malti is an official EU language. (They use the Euro as their money.) The official European Union customs policy dictates certain common regulations that include the rules concerning import to Malta. This website provides current official policies of Malta’s customs authority.

Most new goods will be taxed at the standard 18% VAT rate. Do not bring anything prohibited in Malta like drugs and pornography. Alcohol should not be shipped nor should tobacco products. Most used items can be imported to Malta tax free.

If your shipment to Malta will include some commercial goods, you need to obtain an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) before you send your container. You should start on this website, from Malta’s customs authority for official information about the EORI. If you already have a number, issued by any other EU member state, you will be able to use that.

Moving to Malta Checklist

SDC International Shipping is thrilled that you have choose us to relocate your family to Malta. :

  • If you are a returning citizen, make sure that your Malta residence is in order
  • If you are an immigrant, please provide work or residence visa.
  • Make sure that you visit your doctors in the USA and get a summary of any illnesses or diseases. There is no need to provide translations in Malta. Also bring your immunization record.
  • Get your financial house in order! Make sure that you will have access to your American bank. Check what is necessary to access from abroad. You might have to get an app with a virtual US telephone number that can receive text messages.
  • Once you move to Malta you will have to register for a residence permit and residence permit.
  • Personal documents for the whole family must be brought with you (birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, medical records)
  • Academic certificates, legal documents including wills.
  • Medicine – bring extras of all of your prescriptions along with printed copies. You can get most medicines in Malta, but they will have different names and perhaps different dosages.

International Shipping Options to Malta

SDC International Shipping offers sea and air cargo international shipping options to Malta. Air shipments are very expensive, but also very quick. Air shipments usually take under two weeks to arrive, including customs clearance and door delivery.

The standard options include: full container loads of 20’ and 40’ containers (with volume of 1100 and 2200 cubic feet), known as FCL shipments, and less than full container loads, known as FCL shipments. SDC International Shipping European offers consolidated groupage shipments as an alternative to traditional consolidation services to Europe, used for FCL shipments. Please note that shipments to Malta take 6 – 10 weeks shipping time door to door. If you use our consolidation, it might take another few weeks longer to arrive but depending on shipment size, could cost thousands less.

Another advantage of using our consolidated groupage service is that you can send any sized shipment to Malta. There are many clients who are moving entire households, and a 20” container is insufficient for them. However, the cost of a 40” container is about 50% more than that of a 20” container. Using this service, you can send 1300 or 1500 cubic feet and pay for only the amount that you are sending.

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